God of War: Fallen God # 3 (REVIEW)

May 4, 2021


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As I finished reading issue # 3 of Dark Horse Comics God of War: Fallen God, I realized something I had overlooked while reading previous issues. I guess I could attribute this to the fact that until this issue everything Kratos encountered was similar to a test that he had faced before. Issue # 3 while lighter on action does bear witness to what I suspect is a change in perspective for Kratos.

God of War: Fallen God # 3

Dark Horse Comics

Script: Chris Roberson
Art: Tony Parker
Colors: Dan Jackson

My revelations about the necessity of this journey for Kratos comes during an issue that seeks to highlight both the lethal and lamenting nature of Kratos. Sans his Blades of Chaos, we witness as he throw down against the creature threatening the villagers. This battle sequence allows Tony Parker and Dan Jackson to cut loose and give the people what they want. Until this issue Kratos had chosen to hold back and avoid conflicts. Now it seems this is one portion of his past that still haunts the Ghost of Sparta. Showcasing his rage, the panels burst with bloody intensity. Kratos wrestles with the oversized beast until finally he snaps it’s neck.

After this however he returns to his unending quest to be free of, well that’s the problem. Chris Roberson presents a Kratos for all intents and purposes finally free. Gone are the godly armaments that chained him to Olympus. This series also has Kratos put some distance between himself and the Aegean Sea. So what could stand in the way of Kratos, of what he has seemingly wanted since God of War debuted on the Playstation 2? The answer like always is closer than you think.

Kratos screaming in typical God of War fashion can’t understand why the villagers are still scared. He has slain their tormentor. This allows the “Rafiki”-ish character introduced last issue to play a little game of “Monkey doesn’t see, monkey just does”. Interrupting Kratos’ rant this individual attempts to explain a very real message to one who considers himself “fallen”.

You are not finished. The battle is not over.

Then as if on cue artists Parker and Jackson unleash a creature nearly quadruple the size the one Kratos had just sparred with. Is this the real threat? Does is matter? On cue Kratos leaps to attack ready to do what he always does, expecting the same outcome. The issues final page sees something I have never seen for this character. Even though he has tamed Olympus Kratos still lives in a world of Gods and Monsters. Issue # 3 has Kratos not merely a Fallen God but out of his element with some wise words to consider.

Your purpose is not yet fulfilled.

Score: 8.7