Who you gonna call? “TMNT/Ghostbusters #4” REview

Jan 27, 2015

Mad Cave Studios


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TMNT-Ghostbusters-04_Cover-RegularTMNT/Ghostbusters (4 of 4)

Written By: Erik Burnham & Tom Waltz
Art By: Dan Schoening
Colors By: Luis Antonio Delgado

After their recent fight with Chi-you, the immortal being hell bent on revenge, the two totally 80’s teams retreat to the firehouse (Ghostbuster HQ) where the like personalities break off into cliques and start doing what is normal for them. I feel as if I have been rewarded for my fan loyalty to these two franchises as I read this comic. However, things are wrapped up too predictably and without too much personal injury or property damage (both signatures to either hero group).

TMNT-Ghostbusters-04_Cover-SubscriptionI wish there was more issues on their way as I feel the script finally got over the “talking turtles is weird/they fight gods yearly” portion of the interactions between factions. Like I previously wrote, things are wrapped up easily in this final issue, which is the main reason I would love to read more of this crossover, because I know the heroes in green and the ‘busters would be able to get into some very strange and epic-in-scope tales. Not that this wasn’t a story without those qualities as this was an eternity long revenge story. The art and coloring was on par with the previous issues, including great facial expressions even from the mutants, that captures these two 30 year old properties as to how these characters act and think.

As this miniseries comes to an end, there is a question mark in the air (space really) as to the battle being truly over for good. As a single issue, this was not the best of the four in my opinion, if only because it lacked a ninja turtle using some kind of Ghostbuster technology or some form of the counter in a giant splash page (even though Winston and Leo take in the finer qualities to Leonardo’s katana and Mikey tossing a ghost trap). Still worth the read and conclusion to this first (hopefully of many) crossover event. Now give me my TMMT/Ghostbusters mash up toys now!