Jul 27, 2021


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Cover Boom Studios Good Luck # 2

Good Luck # 2

It takes more than well wishes to succeed at most anything. Planning and practice are paramount to almost all pursuits in life and sometimes even that isn’t enough. So as Team Hilde prepares for what is officially titled Field Test #001-Laka all members of the Bureau of Luck and Probability are a bit on edge. As Doctor Diaphanous puts it, the hope of the world rests on the shoulders of these four young “Unfortunates”. Good Luck, they’re definitely gonna need it.

By: Boom Studios

Written by: Matthew Erman
Illustrated by: Stefano Simeone
Lettered by: Mike Fiorentino

Matthew Erman has taken something so easily taken for granted and turned it into a commodity. And while it isn’t being sold on the stock or black market, it is very interesting to see what the world would be like without this for lack of a better word “phenomenon”. I mean what is “luck” when you get right down to it. Some people would say it’s for suckers or the superstitious. Then again others would say you make your own. But Boom Studios series makes it an actual resource. And when you do that it becomes tangible and as seen in this series necessary to existence.

Good Luck takes a chance and asks readers to see probability differently.

Imagine what Spaceballs did for air or Waterworld did for well water. Too much or too little of either and in instance, mankind’s way of life is altered dramatically. That is the world that Artemis and this team have grown up in. And while the plan they have practiced seems possible - that doesn’t mean it ( and some portions of this issue) go off without a hitch. Much like what the “Unfortunates” experience during their actual first trip inside the Kismet Zone some of this issue is unsettling. Not every panel seemed to transition seamlessly and much of what was happening around the team didn’t seem straightforward and clear. Of course, this could just be an artistic way of illustrating the effect of Cassiopeia, the god of bad luck introduced last issue, on the area.

Or maybe it is just as Doctor Diaphanous explained early in the issue, this is after all a “science experiment”. And with any good experiment all you can do is plan and then put it into motion and hope for the best outcome. Good Luck.

Score: 8.5

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