Green Lanterns #22 Review

May 3, 2017

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Green Lanterns #22
DC Comics

Written by: Sam Humphries
Art by: Ronan Cliquet
Letters by: Dave Sharpe
Colors by: Hi-Fi

In the last issue, Corps Leader John Stewart recalled Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz to Mogo. As the pair are rocketed through space, Jessica begins to panic and calls for her ring to make an emergency stop, despite warnings from Simon. As she stops, she is surrounded by the vastness of space with no idea where she is. As she attempts to get her bearings, she is confronted with the fact that she is lost and her ring can’t help her when she has no idea what to ask it to do. As panic begins to overtake her, she is greeted by Kyle Rayner who offers to escort her the rest of the way to Mogo. As the pair traverse the galaxy, Kyle tries to get to know the newest Green Lantern of Earth and there is a moment of insight into Jessica’s conflicted feelings about the ring and its power.

Admittedly, I like the fact that the series takes a little more time letting the reader know about the both Simon and Jessica’s apprehension about being Green Lanterns, but honestly, it can be sometimes annoying to constantly have to deal with them being scared of the things. I don’t want to have the same swagger as Hal Jordan, but there is a limit to how far I’m willing to accept that you’re scared of this gift you’ve been given. While I still have that notion, it was gratifying to get a moment when Jessica sees the enormity of the corps when the pair finally reaches Mogo. Her surprise is refreshing and the splash page does a great job of enforcing the scale of the new world that she is part of. As she reunites with Simon, who is having a casual drink with Kilowog.

The former Lantern drill instructor removes her Lantern, busting her back to a trainee. A move that Jessica finds both insulting and demeaning. As she and Simon are brought up to speed on the truce with the Sinestro Corps, rogue Guardian Rami is summoned to Mogo as well. Unfortunately for all involved, Rami is not who he appears to be. As Simon tries to comfort Jessica, John Stewart intervenes to let the both of them know that it is time for them to be properly trained in how to be a Green Lantern and the trainers he chooses for the two of them are sure to mean trouble.

The story Humphries tells in this issue is good and moves well. It doesn’t drag too much in getting to the plot points and I enjoyed the wonder Jessica had in being introduced to the enormity of the corps. Ronan Cliquet’s artwork is great and both the foreground action and backgrounds are great to look at and take in. I would like to see a little less of the angst of being in the corps from the two of them. It can be a little grating at times, especially when the rest of their development is written so well.

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