Green Lanterns #24 Review

Jun 7, 2017

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Green Lanterns #24
DC Comics

Written by: Sam Humphries
Art by: Carlo Barberi
Inks by: Matt Santorelli
Colors by: Ulises Arreola

Simon is learning the hard way that brute force is not always effective. A lesson he has to learn while facing an army of Kyle Rayners. As he finally starts to use his brain, he puts himself in the position of getting the drop on his instructor. Meanwhile, Jessica is contemplating the consequences of punching Guy Gardner in the face during her training session. As she pushes back his abuse, he gives her the opportunity to stay a Green Lantern. By fighting him one on one. In the archives on Mogo, the rogue Guardian Rami is searching the records for the location of the original seven Green Lantern rings. Unfortunately, his body is possessed by Volthoom. The First Lantern is looking for the pieces of his original travel lantern in order to return home. He also discovers that one of them belongs to Jessica Cruz.

As he continues to plot, both Jessica and Simon learn lessons in how to be more effective members of the corps. As they celebrate, Rami has a mission for them at the furthest edge of the galaxy and a plan to steal Jessica’s ring as well. The interplay between the Lanterns works really well in this issue. As tired as I am of Jessica and Simon’s constant whining, I find their ability to learn and transcend their own issues in this story to be refreshing.

Humphries has done a lot to move these two characters forward. As much as I enjoy seeing them come to the realization that they are more powerful than they think, I would love for them to get to that conclusion sooner and less often. More and more it seems like they are so hampered by their own insecurities that the stories can seem a little repetitive. I would love to see an evolution of them both and hopefully, that will happen soon. Barberi’s art is a nice change. It does have a more manga style to it which works in this issue. The panels look really good and convey some great action beats.