Green Lanterns #44 Review

Apr 3, 2018

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Green Lanterns #44
DC Comics

Written by: Tim Seeley
Art by: Ronan Cliquet
Colors by: Hi-Fi
Release date: 4/4/18

Jessica Cruz is dealing with her issues. She is visiting her therapist and laying out some pretty grim information as the therapist tries to get her to talk about her past. As the therapist tries to get her to open up about the events of her past, Jessica gets defensive and takes off just as her ring calls her with an assignment.

It looks like Singularity Jain has returned to the sector and has set up shop on a new planet. The Lanterns find her and her new alter-ego and burst in to make the arrest. Unfortunately, the client meeting with the lawyer goes nutty and storms off on a rampage, Simon follows leaving Jessica alone with the bound shapeshifter. When Jessica confronts the accomplice to multiple murders, she lets the Lantern know that Jessica is exactly who she wanted to see.

She confronts Jessica with some harsh truths that the Lantern doesn’t want to hear as she tries to explain to Cruz who and what she is. In an attempt to engage Jessica and keep her talking, Jain explains that there is someone keeping her from remembering the events of the night her friends were killed. Someone who is making those memories impossible to access. She also offers Jessica a solution with a pretty interesting price.

This was a pretty straightforward story with some really interesting stakes laid out for the reader and specifically for Jessica Cruz. Reading about Jessica’s struggles has been hit or miss as far as interest goes, but it looks like this story is going to dig into those struggles and explore them. Something that I actually want to know more about.