Green Lanterns #51 Review

Jul 18, 2018


Green Lanterns #51
DC Comics

Written by: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Mike Perkins
Colors by: Hi-Fi
Letters by: Dave Sharpe

There are multiple mysteries hitting the Green Lantern Corps at the same time and all of them could have huge consequences on the future of the galactic cops. One of the Guardians of the Universe is dying and Simon, Kyle and Jessica race against time to get him to the healer, but they are too late. Storms and destruction are being reported all over Mogo and the Guardians are unable to communicate with the sentient planet. Kilowog and Guy have brought in a badly injured John Stewart who is going to need immediate surgery and the entity that attacked the corps leader has set his sights on the peaceful planet of Penelo.

The Lanterns that can be spared to deal with the attack on Penelo come upon the slaughter of the population and as they prepare for battle, Jessica continues to receive warnings from her ring not to trust anyone, including her partner. At the same time, the Guardians themselves might have something more ominous to deal with coming from the source of the Lantern’s power.

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Jurgens is branching off the story into some interesting territory and opening it up to more mysteries The number of issues currently facing the corps are big and I hope that there is a satisfactory way that they are resolved. Hopefully, the story tackles those issues in a way that binds them together in one cohesive conflict. I do find myself taking issue with the constant Jessica infused doubts that are throughout this issue. After the last few arcs, her inability to trust in Simon is tiresome. Especially when she herself was the subject of suspicion in the last arc.

Mike Perkins’ art is great in this issue and there are some great panels, especially the sequence involving Penelo. It was handled really well and the detail was great. He was able to convey a lot, especially in creatures that don’t physically emote. Good work.

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