Grumpy Cat/Garfield #1 REVIEW

Aug 1, 2017

Mad Cave Studios


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Grumpy Cat/Garfield #1

Written By: Mark Evanier
Art By: Steve Uy
Cover Art By: Andy Hirsch

There are times, especially during the heat of summer, that what you really need is a fun, easy read.  That is what Dynamite has brought us with Grumpy Cat/Garfield.  These two lovable felines were made for one another.  Even if they do not realize it!  This first issue gives a very brief introduction for anybody who has been living under a rock and then breaks right into the action.  It seems that some people believe that dogs make better pets than cats.  So one company has the idea of making cats more like dogs.  What is going to happen when they test they idea one these two?

The story that Mark Evanier gives us is fun and funny.  This is a comic for all ages because it has clean humor, but also makes references only us adults can relate to.  If you are already a fan of America’s favorite orange cat, or the meme come star, then you will want to check this out.  It is sometimes nice to set aside the Batmans and Spidermans of the superhero world or a little while.  Go enjoy Steve Uy’s art style and hang on tight for the journey these kitties are about to have.