Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout Review

May 31, 2017

This week I traveled down to Anaheim, Ca. To check out the newest attraction at the Disney California Adventure park at the Disneyland Resort. The Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Break Out alteration, took over what was formally the Tower of Terror attraction in the heart of the Hollywood land area. The “ride” itself is still a drop ride but that’s about the only thing that really harkens back to its predecessor. The exterior has been given a huge makeover. The once 1939 style hotel is now a shining gold tower full of cosmic architecture, satellites, and engraved totems, that truly look like something The Collector himself would use as a stronghold. And thus is the story behind the ride.

The Collector himself, Tanaleer Tivan, has landed his fortress on earth which showcases his massive collection of antiquities, plant life, and living creatures from around the Galaxy. Today you are invited to a VIP tour to see his newest exhibit on display…. The infamous Guardians of the Galaxy.

As our tour begins, a gold statue of The Collector welcomes you as you make your way into the gardens of the fortress. From the moment you step passed the entrance gate you really get the feeling that you are taking a tour of Tivan’s private collection. The plants surrounding the perimeter of the ride all have small signs with their classifications and names listed. Over the loudspeaker, you can hear one of the Collectors’ assistants playing some very futuristic sounding music from the Collectors play list. Some of his more interesting items start to become evident before you even enter the fortress, like a golden gnome. Also above the garden, there is a large “hole in the wall” with some very familiar looking paw marks trailing from it. A mystery in itself that will be solved later on in the ride…

Once you make your way through the first part of the line you are rewarded with your first glimpse of the Collectors Prized possessions. Now I must tell you I let out a loud gasp when I first laid eyes on this. It was as though the scene in the first Guardians movie, where we meet the Collector in his vault, had been brought to life. The room is lined with floor to ceiling containment cells with all manner of things inside of them. From a strange looking “cocoon” to a four-legged astronaut who is cutely turning his inquisitive head back and forth. A long with the living creatures there are many Asgardian weapons, an Ultron Sentry, Rockets favorite blaster, ancient texts and tablets, and some other Marvel Easter eggs for your viewing pleasure. And while you are in awe of the Collection, a huge crystal clear 4k screen comes to life as the Collector himself tells you about his newest acquisitions. It’s then we see our heroes in their cells, in the midst of their normal bickering. Clearly, they are not too happy about their current residence and know they need to find a way out. What I really liked is all the actors from the film were brought back to play their respective roles. And if you are lucky you might see another famous face that has been captured. Hint* he has a cameo in most of the Marvel Movies.

Once you make your way to the next part of the tour, the Collectors personal office, you are informed that you will need to have your hands biometrically scanned in order to gain access to other parts of the fortress. Once you are scanned and allowed into the office, a video with instructions from The Collector begins but is interrupted by something with a very fluffy, ringed tail. Yup, it’s Rocket and he needs your help. One of the best parts was being surprised by this life-sized, fully animatronic replica of our favorite trash panda. Rocket escaped and has to break the others out. Luckily he has a plan and Mantis is waiting nearby in the Milano, but sadly “his hand don’t scan” so he needs our human hands to scan through the next portion of the tour.

So now you have to help get the Guardians out. Before Rocket leaves he might take a very familiar item off one of the glass book shelves… So pay attention. Also, there are some artifacts from the Marvel universe that can be spotted in the office.

After that, you are taken to the Gantry lift area which was formerly the boiler room in the Tower of Terror, where you boarded the elevator. I would say this was the room that had the least amount of changes happen. The knobs and dials were repainted and a lot of Tivan logos and instructions were placed on the walls. It seems this is also where the Collector stores some of his not so impressive artifacts, like something big, white, and HAIRY from a classic Disney Attraction.

You are once again “hand scanned” and it’s time to board the gantry lift. The lift begins to move backward and is brought to a halt as you see Rockets’ shadow unplugging a large cable and plugging something else in. You are suddenly lifting up as some amazing music kicks in.

There are 6 different soundtracks that you could possibly get on your raucous adventure. We got lucky and each of our rides had different songs including “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, “I Want You Back” and “Give Up the Funk”. The music really fuels the ride as it did in the films, and you immediately start to have a blast when the beat starts pumping. And not only are the songs randomized but so are the breakout scenes. As you are rising and falling, the gantry doors will open and you see the gang escaping from their cells. Some of the scenes are laugh out loud funny, some are scary, and all of them are wild. This version of the ride had more rises and falls than it’s predecessor and seems longer to me. All I can tell you is you don’t want this joy ride to end. But as you successfully help the gang escape it’s time to DROP back to the Fortress.

As you leave, you are treated to the screens that show your ride photo and then you escape through the brand new gift shop. Now called the Collectors Warehouse, the store is full of Guardians merchandise as well as clothing, collectibles, toys, and statues from the Marvel Universe. If you are a Marvel fan… You will spend your hard earned credits here.

As a huge fan of The Tower of Terror attraction, I can tell you I was less than excited about it being replaced. However, the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout Attraction was so out of this world. I immediately fell in love with this wild and crazy, music infused joy ride and it made me forget about the former. I am beyond hopeful for more Marvel Attractions at Disneyland (heck if you look close enough, rumor is there is already “A” teaser of things to come, on this ride) and can’t wait to ride it again, and again, and again.

So that’s it for me A-holes. See you next time. I will catch you on the Galactic Geek Side