Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Impressions

Feb 23, 2014

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This week we were finally graced with the highly anticipated first trailer to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.  Since this movie is such a huge question mark to most familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I thought it would be fun to get the Geeks With Wives’ thoughts on the new trailer.

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Joe Barhoum (GWW Founder)

I watched it. Looks great. Can’t believe how ripped Andy from Parks and Rec got. Has to be drugs.

Kenney Newville (Editor In Chief)

Okay, never having been exposed to Guardians of the Galaxy before I have two statements:

1.) What the hell?!

2.) Where do I sign up?!

Andrew Barton (GWW Contributor)

As someone who was only recently introduced to Guardians of the Galaxy, I loved seeing them in action in the trailer. I hoped to get the spotlight spread around more of the characters, but the focus was mostly on Starlord. That’s not surprising, just not what I was wanting. Rocket looks FANTASTIC–I was worried he would look too cartoony, but he was great. I loved the humor (very fitting for GOTG) but a tad more action would have really rounded out the clip. I cannot wait until the movie comes out!

Chas Osuna (GWW & Capes Co-host)

The Guardians of the Galaxy trailer captures your heart and mind more completely in two minutes than most movies can in two hours.

Chris Pirri (GWW Contributor)

Well first off let me say I loved it! Absolutely loved it! I have been reading this comic since its debut issue. It even inspired me to go to the comic store to buy some old Rocket Raccoon stories also. Yes this movie will be fun. Should it be? Yes.That is what the Guardians are all about. Well besides creating chaos in the Universe. Speaking of the Universe. Let me say its about Flarkin time that Marvel expands into the Universe. Like what I did there Rocket language. Ok back to the Universe.There is a whole world out there and a lot of characters to introduce and this will be the flood gate. Now all the characters looked great. I really loved Drax and who could not fall in love with Rocket Raccoon. My favorite part of the trailer is watching Groot bend down to get in the camera shot. The worst part of the trailer was we did not get to hear The Rocket himself. I’m dying to hear Bradley Cooper’s voice .Great job Marvel! That was a great way to get the clip out there to millions of fan boys and to also people who have no idea what this is. I look forward to more clips in the future and of course opening night on August 1 , 2014.

Will Elizondo (GWW Cosplay Expert)

Guardians of the galaxy is The first of Marvel’s long shot films. It’s not a main stream name by any means. Heck some of the more seasoned comic aficionados have never picked up an issue. So Marvel is again gonna gamble, like they did with Iron man 1, and hope they can turn one of their lesser known titles into box office gold. Well after the World was finally introduced to the first full length trailer it is more than obvious that Marvel is on its way! From the first moments we see Peter Quill, we are shown what most likely will be the tone of the movie… FUN, ACTION PACKED, Mysterious, and a little campy.  For those of us that have read the comic, we know that that is what’s at the heart and soul of the story. A group of rogues and thieves coming together to save the galaxy. And in a true life imitating art scenario it’s taken a director with a vision, some hopefully awesome writing, and a hodge podge of actors from a-list to lesser known to make what looks like is going to be pure Marvel Cinematic magic. I for one cannot wait for August to arrive!

Casey Walsh (GWW Comics Lead/GoTG Expert)

In 2008 two young comic book writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning created a comic book that captured my imagination and made me fall deeply in love with a Raccoon and a Tree.  Ever sense then I have been a massive Guardians fan, gobbling every story line and bit of merchandise that I could.  I would have never imagined that 6 years later that we would be given a movie based off such a wild and out there concept.  The trailer was everything I could have wanted.  We were introduced to the team, got a sense of the overall tone of the film and were given a great glimpse of the visual style.  We even got to see them all sporting the team uniform which was so pleasing to this long time fan. Guardians may not be for everyone, but everyone should certainly be intrigued.  This movie will win us over through its heart, humor and that damn Raccoon.  I am anxiously awaiting August and will definitely be in-line at midnight to worship at the alter that is Guardians of the Galaxy.

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