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Mar 26, 2020


As a newbie in the gambling world, the greatest challenge has always been choosing the best and reliable casino and esport that is legitimate. We know people who lost their money to scams before they got the right games. But do you have to lose your money as a beginner in this vast entertainment world?

Well, we are here for you, we don’t want you to lose any other cent on counterfeits. It is not a surprise to see how beginners in the casino industry are in a dilemma because they no longer know the best game to choose. 

In this article, we have listed for you the best online casino and esports sites which you can always visit as a newbie and make the right decision right from the start. But before that, let us take you through some of the features of the best online casino and esports sites. Are you ready? So let’s dive in.

Traits of a Good Online Casino and eSport Site

The fact is that there are hundreds of sites on the internet that deal with esports and casino games but how many are genuine? Well, a good number of them are scams that just produce some misleading information that will make you spill some bucks out of your pocket. So what are some of the features of a good casino and esport site?

1. It has multiple games

Gathering multiple games on one site with their reviews is never a simple thing. It is only a genuine site that will have well-reviewed games for every esport and casino enthusiasts to play. Most of these genuine sites know that their audience wants a variety of games that’s why they offer a wide selection of games for their players. They aim to fully satisfy their audience.

2. It is updated

You will agree that esports and casino games are dynamic, they keep changing. You will hear there is a new version of a certain slot game and a good site will not have their players go to other sites to experience updated games that not on their site. So, they will keep updating information about the games to their latest version.

3. It is easy to use

Efficiency is one factor that every fanatic of casino and esport games is looking for. They want to use a site that is quick and convenient to use. Besides, the site should be mobile friendly because many players especially casino players prefer using their mobile phones. 

4. Has solid reviews

There is no way a player can know which is the best game from the huge list of games in such sites. So what a good site does is to give reviews of every game, with that every player is well-informed about the game before they start playing them. 

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5. They are not jacks of all trade

There is nothing as confusing as visiting a site that is not specific to what they are dealing with. A confusing site will write a little about casino games, slot games, jump to esports and become an expert of none. A good site usually deals with one or two types of the game exclusively. That’s where you find concrete reviews about the games. That’s why we came up with such five sites that are exclusive and genuine in their reviews. So let’s have a look at them.

The Best Online Casino and eSports Sites


This is one of the unique starts in the online gambling industry that is incomparable from other sites. It is made of a team that has been in this field for decades while some of them have been playing these online casinos since 1994 when the first one was released. 

When it comes to giving accurate reviews about online gambling, is your trusted partner. They fully exploit this field of the casino from giving you trustworthy reviews, the licensing authorities of the game, safety and security, an array of games, compatible devices, bonuses and promotions, the developers, and customer support among others. 

What else would you look for as an online casino player? Their goal is to ensure that you have the most honest information that is accurate and helpful in making your gambling decisions.


Could we call it all in one site? Well, is your one-stop site that features esports and betting news. We can call it an A-Z betting platform where no matter your expertise, this site caters to you. Do you want to play PP games, casino, live casino, vegas, bingo or poker? Your partner is

What about being updated with football news in your region and horse racing? They are there for you. To help you make the best bets, they display the odds of various games on their site. Some other games you will find in their display include tennis, basketball, ice hockey, table tennis, and various esports. 

If you are a fan of blackjack and roulette, then you are sorted. As we previously said, you can refer to this PaddyPower site as your all in one site. You don’t have to look for another site to do your betting. They have it for you:

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Now into the world of esports. Are you looking for the latest games to League of Legends, Call of Duty or any CS: GO games? Well, you can keep yourself entertained all through and become a pro by first having the right choice of games.

Since they don’t want you to be in the dark, provides you with the latest and trending esport news. Besides, if you want to attend the esports events, they keep you fully informed about it in their event’s calendar. 

Sometimes you may need to buy some clothes and T-shirts that represent what you love most, they have a shop to help you easily do that. What about Fifa 20, Fortnite, and the competitions of LoL? Yes, you will find them all right here on their site.


Esport is another great site that will enable you to make a concrete decision on which esport game to play. Having in mind the many esports available on the internet, becomes your trustworthy friend. 

They post articles and resource materials that enable you to know exactly what is happening across the globe in the world of esports. They also feature a little about the gambling and betting industry. As usual, they let you know the events happening in various continents. And to crown it all, they have interviews with some gurus in the esports industry.


This is another great site that gives solace to those enthusiasts mobile players in the casino industry. They are your partner who you can always trust because they exactly know what you are looking for. They enable you to know which mobile casino game is reliable. 

It is made of top and experienced casino players hence they know exactly your preference as a casino mobile player. They usually have a list of the best mobile casino brands both the most recent and the ones that have been in the market.

This has a relationship with key people of certain brands they review making them privileged to know the sites that can be trusted.
Whether you are looking for the best bets, casino games, or esports to keep you entertained and to earn you some cash, then you can consider visiting any of these five sites depending on your taste and preference. So, what are you waiting for, get started today!

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