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Dec 31, 2016

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Another year has come and gone and now its time for the Geeks Worldwide staff to look back at the best comics of 2016. These selections are chosen by GWW staff member, writers, podcasters, and editors, and shows the diversity and range of our fandoms. As always we would love to hear from you in the comments and your best of 2016 picks.

So without further ado…

Best Ongoing Comic Series

Old Man Logan (Marvel)
A comic thought impossible, Jeff Lemire has turned Old Man Logan into a must read monthly comic that will tear at your emotions and blast you senses with blood and violence. Wolverine maybe dead by Old Man Logan lives forever.  – Casey Walsh

Daredevil (Marvel)
My personal bias is why I chose Daredevil. Daredevil is my favorite super hero. The current series has a unique art style. Daredevil’s outfit is an offgrey with a red belt. The story is darker than most Marvel comics, but it also inspires hope. Currently in the comic, Daredevil’s newest enemy is twisted, but justice is delivered at the end. The current read keeps me on my toes. – David Pecci

James Bond (Dynamite Entertainment)
As a life-long James Bond fan, I was very impressed with the British Super Spy’s 2016 comic series that has now reached its third arc. Each arc; VARGR, Eidolon and Hammerhead, have each showcased James Bond using his more cold blooded espionage training (killing) to unravel some plot by a shadow organizations. I really felt that this comic series stripped away the unnecessary over sexualized story that produced the term “Bond Girls”, and brought the story back to its original theme of global espionage. These felt closer to the Ian Flemming original books than some of the more recent movies (not that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy those too). – Cory Anderson

Batman (DC Comics)
Tom King has done a great job taking over for Scott Snyder and their take on an all-too-human Dark Knight has been refreshing as well as revitalizing to a character who had been written too often as being above it all and unreachable to some. – Deron Generally

Aquaman (DC Comics)
I have always been a Batman fan but this comic has me running to the comic store each month. The artwork is fun and vibrant. Arthur Curry is becoming my new favorite hero over at DC a close second to The Dark Knight – Chris Pirri

Ringside (Image Comics)
Joe Keatinge’s Ringside is barely a year old and took a long break over the summer, so in its first thirteen months readers have received just eight issues, but that octet has displayed some of the finest writing I’ve ever encountered in the medium. The story focuses on the world of pro wrestling, where the hope of newcomers is as plentiful as the bruises and broken bones of the industry veterans.

The main character, Danny Knossos, has reached his post-wrestling life, which is as dire in the story’s universe as it often is in real life for those that can no longer sell tickets or work the ring. He gets in over his head in a Breaking Bad-esque sequence of events that continues to pull him deeper into a hole with increasingly poor chances of him being able to climb out. It’s can be a bit torturous at times, but its bleakness feels real — honest — and most importantly necessary. It’s a comic unlike any other I’ve read and I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings to the ring. – Mark Delaney

Deathstrok (DC Comics)
I thought this was a great comic because of its superb writing, which didn’t shy from more tame material that I was used to reading. And its early elevation of lower rung villains like the Clock King to worthy adversarial opponents made it enjoyable to read. The artwork was great and each issue made me inpatient to read the next. – Andrew Squires

Justice League (DC Comics)
I am absolutely loving the team, and the entire vibe really after DC Rebirth kicked off in the beginning of 2016. I need more in my life. – Danny Benavides

Batgirl (DC Comics)
There are many reasons to be thankful for Rebirth and one of which is the different approach they decided to go with Batgirl’s story. She has now left Burnside for Japan. Hope Larson and Rafael Albuquerque have been done a great job progressing her story! One thing about myself is that I am all for strong female characters, and Batgirl is well represented here. – Vanessa Benavides

Saga (Image Comics) Kevin Veldman

Best New Comic

Dark Night: A True Batman Story (Vertigo Comics)
Paul Dini crafts a deeply personal story of fear, tragedy and the loss of self. It is a life altering, personality defining and life affirming tale is brutal in its honesty. – Deron Generally

Green Lanterns (DC Comics)
With Rebirth also came a new Green Lanterns series whose title characters include Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz. Sam Humphries has been able to provide solid arc after arc for our heroes and I’d love to go into detail on this further but I think you’ll have to wait to read why I chose Jessica Cruz as the superhero of 2016. I will say this, if you have been a life long fan of the Green Lantern Corps or are even just picking up a comic for the first time, do yourself a favor and go read Green Lanterns. – Vanessa Benavides

The Legend of Wonder Woman (DC Comics)
Renae De Liz and Ray Dillion have been creating a wonderfully, beautiful and friendly telling of Wonder Woman’s origin and her adventures. If the upcoming film is anything like this comic we are all in for an amazing spectacle of power, feminism and heroism. – Casey Walsh

The Vision (Marvel)
This is favorite new comic because Vision does what many comics don’t do for me, Vision entertains and relates. Many comics I read because they have entertaining stories, but the Vision pulls on my heart strings because a comic book geek can relate to being an outsider like the Vision. –David Pecci

New Avengers (Marvel) – Kevin Veldman

Best Cover

Doom Patrol #1 (Young Animal)(Art by: Nic Derington)
Nothing beats and interactive cover, especially one as weird as Doom Patrol’s. The Burrito that turns into a galaxy is a perplexing and intriguing introduction to an even more mysterious and weird series. – Casey Walsh 


Nightwing Rebirth #1 (DC Comics)(Art by: Javier Fernandez)
Pouring rain, dark blue and black colors, and that grin really made me want to read this issue. Which later got me to follow the Nightwing series. This cover issue seemed the best out of all the rebirth issues and I feel DC tends to have a very detailed and serious tone art style.  This cover is detailed and the expression is a priceless work of art. – David Pecci


Amazing Spider-Man #7 (Marvel)(Art by: Alex Ross)Kevin Veldman


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (BOOM Studios)(Art by: Scott Swade)
This award, for me, goes to several covers actually. The new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series has been great for a rehash on the series. But their samurai themed covers has rocked me to my fan and collector’s core. With each of the main power rangers with theirs zords, and even a villain as an oni receiving a Japanese woodblock style illustration, I could not snatch these up quick enough. These were released in pairs (one ranger facing right and one facing left) and mostly through conventions. The most captivating pairing of these exclusive covers though was the green ranger and white ranger facing off. Just gorgeous and awe inspiring. I have been in love with Japanese Wood Block art for a long time now, and somehow these niche special covers spoke directly to my passion. (Issues 1, 3, 7, Pink:#1) – Cory Anderson


Suicide Squad #1 (DC Comics)(Art by: Jim Lee and Scott Williams)
Jim Lee and Scott Williams – Gorgeous detail in every character and great composition. – Deron Generally


Spider-Man/ Deadpool #1 Hip Hop Variant Cover (Marvel)
The cover itself is suppose to be a mock up of Eric B and Rakim’s 1987 album Paid in Full. This album helped pave the way for many artists in the future and who else than Spider-Man and Deadpool to represent the cover. – Danny Benavides


Green Arrow #8 (DC Comics)(Art by: Otto Schmidt)
Green Arrow Rebirth #8 variant cover in which Green Arrow and Black Canary are embracing in a kiss under the moonlight. This is my vote for favorite cover because it is filled with so much emotion and juxtaposes the original cover where they are gazing into each other’s eyes at dawn before the sun goes down. – Andrew Squires


Batgirl #50 (DC Comics)(Art by: Babs Tarr)
The issue itself, in a way is a proper send off to artists Babs Tarr and writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher. The cover features Batgirl taking a selfie with all of her supporting casts around her. It’s actually an ode to issue #35 where the cover also features Batgirl taking a sefie in a mirror. Issue #35 was also the first Batgirl issue from the team that included Tarr and Stewart. – Vanessa Benavides


Best Event

DC Universe Rebirth (DC Comics)(Geoff Johns, Phil Jimenez, Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, Gary Frank)
I’m not sure if this exactly counts as an event, but it surely changed DC and for the better. Rebirth and everything that has come with it has been an absolute joy and return to form for DC Comics and their storytelling. – Casey Walsh

Civil War II (Marvel Comics)(Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez)
In the Marvel universe, Civil War is great because it brings together a bunch of my favorite characters in the Marvel universe and pits them against each other over a moral dilema. – David Pecci

Great storytelling that redefines and reaffirms what you love and hate about many of the Marvel heroes. – Deron Generally

DC Universe Rebirth (DC Comics)(Geoff Johns, Phil Jimenez, Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, Gary Frank)
After the new 52 comic fiasco this was such a welcome sight. I just fell in love with DC Comics once again. Storylines are phenomenal and very entertaining. – Chris Pirri

DC Universe Rebirth (DC Comics)(Geoff Johns, Phil Jimenez, Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, Gary Frank)
I thought this was the greatest event in comics because it started to tie up all the loose ends surrounding questions regarding multiple earths and the New 52 arc. It brought back some heroes who were long thought dead. – Andrew Squires

Avengers Standoff (Mavel Comics)(Nick Spencer, Mark Bagley) – Kevin Veldman

Best Indie Comic

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom Studios)(Kyle Higgins, Hendry Prasetya)
Power Rangers has colorful art and the story enhances the nostalgia feeling of the mid-90s TV Show of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It goes deeper into the lore and the issues seem to be not too short and the funny blurps at the end with Skulk and dddd are great. – David Pecci

Black Monday Murders (Image Comics)(Jonathan Hickamn, Tomm Coker) Kevin Veldman

Spiral #1 (Independent)(Magnus Aspli, Emerson Dimaya)
Way back in the Spring of this year, I jumped on the opportunity to help fund a kickstarter for Spiral #1. The first of four issues for a vigilante-crime drama all illustrated and colored using my favorite artist’s tool; the basic color theory of harmony through colors. From the balance and order (blues) to the chaotic (reds), this crime based story begins to show how each of the characters’ lives spiral out of their control. Nothing says “cop-drama comic book” better than picking up the mantle of “vigilante justice” does. – Cory Anderson

Lake of Fire (Image Comics)(Nathan Fairbairn, Matt Smith)
There are way too many reasons that a story about a ragtag group of 13th century crusader knights vs an invading alien horde shouldn’t work, but this one totally does. There are alien invasion tropes all through the series, but every one is done well and there is a savage beauty in the artwork, especially in the battle scenes.- Deron Generally

A.D After Death (Image Comics)(Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire)
All you need to convince me on this series was say Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire. A.D After Death is a thoughtful, colorful, masterful approach to comic book storytelling by two of its most critically acclaimed creators. – Casey Walsh

Most Anticipated 2017 Comic

Batwomen (DC Comics)
She is a very popular character in Detective comics. I haven’t followed her much and I feel picking up a new series just on her would be a good way for me and other new readers into DC comics to dig deeper into Kathy Cane’s personality.- David Pecci

Marvel ResurreXion (Marvel)
The aftermath of Inhumans vs X-Men looks to resurrect the classic X-Men Blue and Gold Teams as well as create a new status quo for both the X-Men and the Inhumans.- Deron Generally

Justice League/Power Rangers (DC Comics/IDW)
I never thought i’d see these two teams come together for an amazing crossover event such as this one. I would have freaked out if you would have told my 8 year old self that the Power Rangers would be teaming up with the Justice League.

DC Rebirth Reveal (DC Comics)
There is no guarantee that DC will reveal who is behind the missing 10 years in the current DC universe or how The Watchmen fit into it all but out of all the amazing stories being told in comics this is the one I am most interested in seeing unfold. We are starting to get the tip of the iceberg with Justice League vs. Suicide Squad but lets hope DC’s next big event is DC Rebirth: The Watchmen Revealed. – Casey Walsh 

Geeks Worldwide would like to thank you all our of fans and contributors as without you none of this would be possible, so until next time, we will catch you on The Geek Side!

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