Geeks With Wives Podcast: Episode 25

Mar 23, 2012

This week the Geeks are joined by Charlie Plaine – Chairman of The Continuing Committee. An outstanding resource for fans of Star Trek: The Collectible Card Game. Go to to experience this incredible site!

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  1. Great podcast!  I’m trying to get back into Trek CCG, and I live in the Portland area, so this was certainly one that I was looking forward to hearing! I’ve found to be an EXCELLENT resource, and so I was thrilled to hear them get some air time. 🙂

    • Thanks Greg! Josh and I are working on a few key relationships this week. More info to come!

  2. My husband & I were glad to hear the podcast – we’ve both been TrekCC members for a while, and actually met through the forums there.  He’s from Portland originally (we’re in Iowa currently), so between visits & planning to move back, I’m sure we’ll meet you soon!

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