GWW Presents Indie Dev Day!!

Mar 11, 2016

Over the past 4 months, we here at Geeks WorldWide have been working on putting together a really special event for all of our readers.

We searched far and wide for the most talented and interesting Indie developers that we could find to showcase their games on our Twitch channel. Over 5 hours we’ll be presenting 5 different games from Indie Devs across the globe! Each game is very different from the next and we couldn’t be more proud of our lineup:

Viking Squad – Slick Entertainment – 1:30 pm EST

Masquerada – Witching Hour Studios – 2:30 pm EST

Death’s Gambit – White Rabbit – 3:30pm EST

Life Goes On – Infinite Monkeys Entertainment – 4:30 pm EST

Darkest Dungeon – Red Hook – 5:30 pm EST

Almost as important as the games themselves are the hosts of the show. We wanted to have hosts who’s feet were firmly planted in the gaming world. In that regard, we hit the jackpot! The event will be hosted by none other than cofounder of Blizzard North and former CEO of Gazillion, David Brevik, CEO of Stardock Brad Wardell, and our very own Mikhail Shlyuger, host of Press Any Key, our gaming podcast.

So please join us for what promises to be an amazing afternoon of gaming. It’s all taking place on our twitch channel on 3/12 starting at 1:30 PM EST!