GWW Weekly: Rebooted – Episode #1

GWW Weekly: Rebooted – Episode #1

Every two weeks, the crew of the GWW Weekly: Rebooted show get together to talk anything and everything across the entire gamut of geekdom. Agasicles, David, and Peter assemble round the table to talk comics, games, movies, tech, and TV; we’re never quite sure exactly where the show will go. So hang on. Sharp curves up ahead!

In this first Reboot episode, Peter’s excited about new speakers from CES. Agasicles thinks everyone needs to abate the hate for the musical crossover episode of The Flash and Supergirl. David is reading Power Rangers (still), but Peter is more excited about He-Man / Thundercats. And the crew collectively ponders whether or not the move for Legends of Tomorrow from Thursday to Tuesday is a good thing or bad.

Intro and Outro tracks, Break Free (cdk Mix), by cdk featuring LoveShadow, used via Creative Commons license (

Agasicles Stamas

Gadgets, games, comics, movies, TV...all the things. In that order? Well, that changes as often as the weather. Agasicles is the quintessential nerd's nerd, with far too much content made available in today's world for him to stay focused on any one thing. Android? yep. iOS? Yep. PS4? XBox One? Marvel? DC? Yep, yep, yep...and...yep. He's been all over the world, but prefers nights at home with his favorite gadget or content. A Cold War kid and refugee from the 80s and 90s, Agasicles sometimes doesn't get all this new-fangled stuff that the kids are into these days. But he's trying his hardest.

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