GWW’s Best Games of 2015!

Jan 13, 2016

This year the team at got together and wrote down our picks for the best game of 2015! We would love to share our picks and why we picked them. These are in no particular order. And of course, we welcome you to share with us YOUR favorite game of 2015!



Destiny: The Taken King

Nathan Dugas – “It was easily my most played game for this year (or any years prior) and although I’ve taken a break from it (ha), I look forward to playing it some more early next year.”

Wayne Hughes – “Destiny beats Battlefront into 2nd for me. Reminds me a little of Mass Effect with the upgrades and it is addictive!”

Peter Morrow – “Bungie did it again. This is hands down my favorite video game of the year. It took all that was wrong with my favorite shooter and fixed it. The story is engaging, and I haven’t yet ran out of things to do. It introduced a much better quest system, and lots more side quests. I am really looking forward to what 2016 brings to my favorite FPS.”


The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Desktop Wallpaper

The Witcher 3

Casey Walsh – “The Witcher 3 encapsulates everything I love about video games. From the fantasy setting, to the characters, story and gameplay there is nothing I don’t love about The Witcher 3. With its vast open world and hundreds of quests it offered endless hours of monster slaying enjoyment. Even though newer games have gotten in the way, I fully intend to re-enter the world of The Witcher and return to its picturesque landscapes and strange side quests. To Me, Roach!

Danny Benavides – “I remember the moment I got home after purchasing this game, opening the case and seeing the awesome little Thank you note attached from the guys over at CD Project Red. No, Thank you CDPR for giving us such a beautiful game. The Witcher 3 is epic! This is an open world fantasy game done right!”



Rainbow Six: Siege

Cory Anderson – “With most online shooters being about running and gunning and kill-streak earning, this shooter changed the pace. With the inclusion of special operators for both attacking and defending, the specialist class is the new format for online shooters. One life, time limit and reinforced buildings pits special gadget and tech using attackers against their defending counterparts. Make the shots count and above all else, USE THE MIC AND TALK!”



Star Wars: Battlefront

Natalie Atkins – “Of this year… Battlefront! I absolutely love playing as Vader and flying X-wings!!!! I also love that the Battlefront app for iPhone allows me to play for credits that go to my Xbox game!”



Fallout 4

Anthony Franklin – “Fallout 4 is my choice, hands-down, because it does a great job of expanding Bethesda’s post-nuclear world and lore. Like any Bethesda game, it does have its bugs, but if you can look through those you’ll find another well-crafted installment of the saga that’s rich with hidden gems, oddities, and very human stories.”

Adam Waugaman – “I unfortunately didn’t play many games this year, so my list to choose from is slim. With that being said though, I have to give it to Fallout 4. This game actually inspired me to go get an Xbox One. (Even though I also got a PS4 and have Fallout 4 on both systems…) Being able to do so much stuff, besides playing the main story, is always a great pull for me. I’ve spent 50+ hours building settlements, crafting weapons, exploring The Commonwealth and blowing up every enemy in sight. I still have so much of the game left to play. I appreciate any game that can deliver like this. Its also really pretty.”

Erin Murphy – “This coming out led me to go back to play Fallout 3 and rekindled my ongoing love for sandbox games. All hail Bethesda!”

Everett Harn – “I didn’t play many games in 2015 but the game I think I enjoyed most was Fallout 4. Having never played a Fallout game before, because I didn’t care for the settings or the gunplay aspect, I decided to get Fallout 4 and play it like I would Skyrim and use fists and melee weapons only and ended up having a smashing good time. Turned out the story was pretty decent as well.”



Just Cause 3

Agasicles Stamas – “Maybe not the actual best, but because I’ve been getting into game capture and streaming, it is my most liked because just booting the game up is an automatic guarantee for instant highlight reels. Makes building out my recorded gaming archive and diary very easy.”



Halo 5

Lance John – “Top video game of 2015”



Rise of the Tomb Raider

Jeff Gordon – “Perhaps what makes this game so spectacular is that it vastly improved upon its already very good predecessor in every way. I don’t have to make excuses for this game. It’s just solid all over. An interesting story, exploration, combat, puzzles, platforming, and side quests – all of these combine for the best Tomb Raider experience to date.”



Mad Max

Jon Reyes – “The biggest and most pleasantly satisfying surprise for me this year is Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max. It’s a shame ‘15 will pass with it being criminally overlooked, thus under-appreciated (Thanks to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – both games released on the same exact day). When I started to play Mad Max, I noticed its gameplay hooks and loops were imitating, with its own take, the Arkham trilogy’s combat and the Assassin’s Creed franchise’s open-world “collect-o-thon” checklist map. I ask the question that I’ve heard one too many times as a Journalism major: “So what?” I love driving around the beautiful wasteland Avalanche has created in my Magnum Opus – Max’s car; the combat is brutal, gritty and bloody; and, what I think is most important of all, they’ve captured what makes Mad Max, Mad Max.”

Feel free to add to our list by commenting in the comment section with your pick for best game of 2015 and why!