Hallow Joradan a “Convergence #7” Review

May 20, 2015

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Conv7 CovConvergence #7
DC Comics

Written by: Jeff King & Scott Lobdell
Art by: Aaron Lorpresti & Mark Morales

After returning to relevance at least from a continuity standpoint in issue #6, the question of “Convergence”now becomes can the climax live up to stakes that have finally been raised from this event? The best way to answer that is sorta.  While our New 52 heroes are witnessing the planet of  Telos make it’s way toward Earth 1 in an almost incursion like fashion, the heroes of Earth 2 are battling it out in what appears to be an epic all out showdown between various incarnations of DC characters from throughout the multiverse on Telos.

While there is plenty of DC house art by Aaron Lorpresti and Mark Morales showcasing fights between the likes of Shazam and Superman, the true battle comes as Telos battles Deimos.  At this point the book rewards those who stuck with the Convergence event, and the development of it’s surprise titular character: Telos.  Since Telos is both a planet and a being we see plenty of splashy panels of Telos using the atmosphere to battle Deimos.

As the battle between the two omnipotent powers comes to a standstill, King and Lobdell provide readers with an action beat that initially feels riveting, as an alternate version of Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern wipes out Deimos with relative ease.  Only initially feels riveting, because while the panels of Hal taking out Deimos are pulse pounding they make no sense from a story telling perspective.  For one, you weaken Telos by not allowing this brand new characterConv 7 Var you have developed for eight books to triumph, rather Hal Zaps the so called big bad of “Convergence” with no challenge, and literally says now can we go home? Begging the question why didn’t this particular Green Lantern just put Deimos and the readers of this event out of their misery as soon as the dome fell?

In reality the answer would probably be because that version of Green Lantern was just summoned to the Telos Vs. Deimos showdown, but in our reality it was so DC could make a few more bucks off it’s readers.  The saving grace of this issue comes as the death of Telos cracks reality throughout the multiverse, which will apparently have some sort of impact on the state of the DCU when “Convergence” ends and “Darkseid War” begins.  The reason because at some point, and no one knows where, Deimos adsorbed the powers of time travelers, and his death as alluded to in this issue will not only impact the future, but DC history as whole.  Now if only I could take advantage of this crack in reality to travel to the end of March 2015, and tell myself to read “Secret Wars” over “Convergence”.