Harrowing, Harrowing Now We Go

Feb 8, 2023


Mad Cave Studios


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Harrower #1 Feat Img

For the Western part of the world the timing of the harvest season falls around the same time as the celebration of Halloween. In Harrower #1, the new series from Boom Studios, the teenagers of the town will soon discover there is an even deeper connection. Like harvesttime, this tradition is meant to ensure their town’s future prosperity. No rotten apples are going to ruin this cider.

Harrower #1

Boom Studios

Created by: Justin Jordan & Brahm Revel
Written by: Justin Jordan
Illustrated by: Brahm Revel
Lettered by: Pat Brosseau

The creative team of Justin Jordan and Brahm Revel introduce readers to the suburban settlement of Barlowe, NY. Revel’s first two panels perfectly capture the foundation of the town. Placed dead center in both are clear indications of the law and order of this town; a church steeple and a police cruiser.

Harrower #1 interior

But once the individual driving the cruiser exits the vehicle readers will notice his facial expression is one of panic. Pat Brossea’s lettering helps the reader to understand the reason for the officer’s emotional state. And a page later Revel unearths the horror as the Harrower makes his mark. Busting through a wall to surprise the officer, the Harrower looks like the offspring of Darth Maul and Michael Myers. The personality matches these two individuals as well, executing his target with unemotional precision with just the slightest of grin on his face.

After this opening scene Harrower falls into the formulaic approach of a town with a secret. The story shifts to the town’s high school, just in time for a history lesson. Though Jess and her classmates are not too concerned with learning about the Harrower.

Or is it Harrowers? What seems like a single terror may be the work of several individuals if the sheriff was speaking the truth before his death. Especially since the Sinners Mark the students learn about has all the indications of being designed by a secret society. Even Jess’s parents, still grieving from losing their other child, are dutiful attending the town’s yearly gala. Unfortunately, it is this ambivalence from the town’s adults that also makes this feel another tale of a town time forgot. Like Crockett Island from Midnight Mass or the Scarecrow episode of Supernatural (S1 ep11). Places that look idyllic but it’s only an illusion. Any bounty they receive is because they offer up one to some unseen force.

Harrower #1 features the type of town that won’t allow temptation to take the apple from the tree. For the settlers and curreent elders of Barlowe , NY something like the Harrower is more pleasant, and necessary for their prosperty, than being unpure. In order to make a hedge grow, you need to prune it.

Score: 8.2