Having Fun With Heathens in “Suicide Squad: War Crimes” #1 (Review)

Aug 31, 2016


SSQUADSWC_Cv1Suicide Squad Special: War Crimes #1
DC Comics

Written by: John Ostrander
Art by: Carlos Rodriguez and Gus Vasquez
Color by: Gabe Eltaeb

Unless you have been hiding under a rock its hard to escape Suicide Squad mania, this fangasm is ten fold for comic readers as we have been inundated with Suicide Squad comics the past couple of weeks. The latest Task Force X offering, Suicide Squad: War Crimes #1 gives us everything the movie didn’t in a concise, action packed 38 pages of awesomeness. Opening with the abduction of a former Secretary of Defense by another super powered group, Suicide Squad Special: War Crimes #1 starts off with on the right foot and never misses a step. This one-shot gives us everything we need to know about the notorious Task Force X and places them in the perfect mission to display their skills and purpose.

Suicide Squad innovator John Ostrander returns to the team he made famous and gives us a SSQUADSWC_1_9beautifully brutal portrayal of Task Force X and notably its ruthless leader Amanda Waller. Ostrander choices a team fans of the movie will be familiar with, even including an obvious red shirt for dramatic effect. Ostrander gets right down to business from page one and only let’s readers take a breath long info to introduce the team. Then its right back to the action as we get to watch Task Force X do what they do best. Ostrander incorporates everything we love about the Suicide Squad and why they are so compelling to watch. From abrasive dialogue, to uncalled for backstabbing and an ending that will take your breath away, Ostrander proves he can give us the perfect Suicide Squad story that puts the movie version to shame.

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The art team of Carlos Rodriguez and Gus Vasquez provide clean and contextual art that isn’t overly impressive but is just enough to make this story sing. The team does their best work in the choreographing of the major action scene, as its seamless from panel to panel and highlights the high impact action of the group. Everything looks great in motion but as we slow down the art becomes just figures and faces.

Suicide Squad Special: War Crimes #1 is another testament to how to tell a Task Force X story and do it well. Everyone has their role, the mission is appropriate to their skills and with get the ruthless, cutthroat moments we love from the team and especially Waller. Fans of the movie will enjoy this comic because its more Suicide Squad, while comic fans will have fun with it because it’s the Suicide Squad they know and love without the meddling of Hollywood.

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