Marvel Studios ‘Hawkeye’ Review {Non Spoiler}

Nov 22, 2021

I recently was able to sit down and watch the 1st couple episodes of Marvel Studios & Disney+ “Hawkeye” series starring Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, & Vera Farmiga. From the first episodes opening Marvel makes it clear this is not your typical series. To date the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been expanding into the streaming wars with shows like “Wandavision,” “Falcon And The Winter Soldier,” & “Loki,” each of the series having had different tones, themes and coming from an entirely separate genre. Hawkeye is no different, while watching, I was reminiscent of the feeling I got as a child seeing “Home Alone” while also packing a punch with your typical Marvel action blockbuster.

Our favorite avenger

Marvel Studios
Courtesy Marvel Studios/Disney+ (HAWKEYE)

Over the years since the advent of the MCU, the audience has gotten to know Clint Barton /Hawkeye through arcs in team up films such as “The Avengers” or “Captain America: Civil War”, however never in his own film or story, until now. For years fans would speculate online what type of story could be told in a “Hawkeye” film. Kate Bishop would come up frequently in those talks, as she takes over the Hawkeye mantle for some time in the source material.

Kate would also become a member of a team called the “Young Avengers.” Many have speculated that with characters such as Ms. Marvel, Wanda Maximoff’s twin sons, Iron heart, Kid Loki etc. That, the Young Avengers series or film is not too far in the distance. Kate Bishop is a large part of that team. Basing the team in her family’s company “Bishop Publishing,” which is changed in the MCU to a security company.

Kate Bishop/ Hailee steinfeld

Kate Bishop/Hailee Steinfeld In Hawkeye Series heading to Disney+ From marvel Studios set in the MCU

Hailee Steinfeld steals the show with her light and comedic nature shining through. We see parallels between Clint and the way he fathers his children, to his relationship with Kate. Treating her as a child for most of the first two episodes. Not shocking, considering she is a 22 year old in college.

“I need a Bow and Arrow”

Clint/Hawkeye has saved the world countless times now. We can see the toll it has started taking on him mentally, & physically. Now sporting a hearing-aid as seen in the promotional material for the series. Fans speculated over which event caused his loss of hearing. The series doesn’t exactly say which event, but reminds you of some key moments where it could of happened. Clint also seems to be in the mindset of Tony Stark come “Iron Man 3,” suffering of PTSD at moments.

Marvel Studios Hawkeye Series on Disney+ Kate Bishop, Clint Barton, The Avengers

The series starts slow but is quick to heat up. Once it catches its groove, it is off and running. With the inclusion of the Red Track Suit Gang (BRO!) as the antagonist group, the mystery of who is leading them against our heroes becomes a vocal point. The show will be a welcome addition to many of our holiday season’s. Overall, a really fun watch. Be ready for the end of the second episode as it leaves you demanding more right away!

Score (episodes 1 & 2): 8.5/10

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