‘Hawkeye’ Series Starring Jeremy Renner Headed to Disney+ Featuring Kate Bishop

Today, Variety announced that yet another Marvel limited series will be headed to the upcoming streaming platform Disney+. According to their sources, fan-favorite Avenger Hawkeye will indeed be featured in the upcoming series. Star Jeremy Renner is expected to return as the bowmen as well. The action-adventure series will follow Hawkeye as he trains a young Kate Bishop. Bishop is known for taking over the mantle of Hawkeye in the comics. As well as being a member of the Young Avengers…

In the most recent trailer for Avengers: Endgame it features Clint Barton training a young female (above) in the ways of archery. Many think this could be Kate Bishop; however, it’s possible to be his daughter before The Snap from Thanos. Which leads the archer down a dark road to be come Ronin and taking on the Yakuza in Japan. The series could take place after this where after the possible death of Barton’s family and becoming consumed with grief. Barton discovers Bishop and takes her under his wing after losing his family. However, that is pure speculation…

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Hawkeye will stream exclusively on Disney+

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