Headland (Review)

Jan 13, 2022


What’s in your head?

Headland tells the story of Nor. More importantly, it tells a fantastical adventure style story that feels like a mix between Adventure Time and Legend of Zelda. The game is short but full of color and imagination. The GWW was given a Nintendo Switch code for review purposes.

Developer: Northplay
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, Apple IOS
Release Date: January 13, 2022

Headland Image
Nor and his Imagination

A Little Adventure

Headland is the kind of game that you can get lost in. From beginning to end the entire game may take up an afternoon and evening. There are a few levels, a few objectives. More importantly, though the game is fun. At a certain point how long a game takes to beat doesn’t matter as much as what the game does in the time it takes. There came a point about 30 minutes into the game where you get the sense that Headland is incredibly fun to play and getting to the end, completing the objectives will be the only thing you care about.

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The game is bright and full of unique enemies and friendly’s. Across the five plus areas Nor will run into wolves, evil acorns, and knights that will look to impede your imagination. Nor will use axes, shovels, and swords to battle and slay these enemies. As well as a force field that does multiple damage to numerous enemies. There is always a way to get out of a jam. Traversing the land is easy and fast paced. There is little downtime. Secrets lay in each level that will help you with boosting your skills and weapons. Using the tools you have at times is not enough. Nor needs to be powered up and his weapons need to be maxed to complete some of the harder enemies. As well there are more gadgets, tools, and weapons to unlock as you go along.


Nothing in Headland will blow you away. Nor is a simple protagonist with a simple goal. The fighting is simple. The game ends up being simply fun. For a few of your hard earned bucks, spend an afternoon in your head.

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Score: 7.0

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