Heirloom Quality Gaming Tables to Awe

May 12, 2016

Attention all tabletop gamers – miniatures, dice throwers, CCG and board game aficionados!


If you are considering a gaming table for your many sessions you will hold, you really need to check out Geek Chic based out of Seattle Washington, as WP_20160423_10_57_28_ProAmanda, one of Geek Chic’s wonderfully helpful valet salespersons expressed to me about how it rains a lot there in the Pacific Northwest, creating a lot of “indoor kids” thus the drive to play many games and the passion to create these master craft tables.

Geek Chic makes many hardwood furniture; dining room tables, coffee tables, comic book storage units and display cabinets. They are all made out of WP_20160423_10_56_46_Prohardwood and can be accompanied by well-crafted chairs. From start to finish, the process (of making these pieces of furniture) takes about a year. After which they hand deliver the final products and set them up in your home. All of the tables come with a set of hardwood leaves and there are many options for accessories on top or on the sides that come in the form of cup holders, wine glass holders, desks, bins and dice rolling areas.

One of the main qualities that drew my attention to the Geek Chic booth at PAX East, was the game vault that is underneath the leaves of the table. The game vault is a 2 ¼” drop there is a sheet of acrylic that is a wet/dry erase geekchic-_sultan_-001_largesurface. And even underneath that surface, you can place your maps or grids so they are completely protected and can be reused and changed when needed. Gamers can store their miniatures, tiles and gaming terrain within the gaming vault and under the leaves of the table for whenever a gaming night pops up.

1_grandeThe process takes about a year to hand make these tables with the amount of backlog they have from others who are buying their tables. They are always trying to reduce the time, but the tables aren’t made until ordered. And since each table can be custom made to order (with or without all the options available). One of the tables for example (and the one I was/still am very highly interested in), The Minimalist comes in 10 different sizes to choose from with 6 different wood types (such as; North American Cherry, Hard Rock Sugar Maple, Quarter-sawn White Oak, and top quality Black Walnut) and even different heights to choose from; dinning, counter or bar heights. Now their most popular table is The Emissary, which comes with the option for drawers in the table. It is popular due its harvest style, a table with four cornering legs and skirting. It has a lot of character in it from the top side’s geekchic-_rift_-004_grandebreadboard to the cornices in the legs. Some of their tables even have 21 different options for their table sizing being as small as 2’-4” x 2’-4” and all the way to as big as 4’ x 7’ tables.

It is very easy to be envious of these tables. You see online people making these gaming tables by themselves all the time and even include a tutorial on how to do so. This makes you believe you can make one of these gamer’s tables if you have the time, effort and right tools. But don’t be fooled, it will take a master woodsman/woman to make one of Geek Chic’s tables as they are wood geeks and excel at what they do. The tables themselves go through seven different departments when they are being created. Starting with the Profilers/the Sawyers as they pick and choose the woods and plane them down to size. Next is the Cut to Length, where they take the beautiful cut of wood and cut it down to the specified length before it goes to the Assembler and Sanding department. There, one person assembles and sands the table knowing everything about it, so really geekchic-_rift_-006_grandeone person “Makes” the tables but many people have their hands on them. From the assembly it goes to Spray and gets three coats of varnish before heading to Post Finish where it gets the hardware put on it (all those options). Then it gets loaded up and delivery duo which is a white glove service and they take of the table for you from there. The average person takes 1-2 years to decide on the furniture, they are a large purchase and cost a pretty penny but you are getting what you paid for. These tables are heirloom quality and amazing dinning, coffee or bar tables that double as gaming tables. They aren’t just your average Ikea table that will fall apart when you move, they are heirloom quality tables. It was very clear to me that Geek Chic is very passionate about their craft.geekchic-_keep-003_grande

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