HeroBox: Size Matters Not! (Review)

Aug 4, 2015

heroboximageFor those unaware, Super Hero Stuff is an online shop, which sells exactly what the name entails, Super Hero Gear. From The Flash Socks to your favorite DC and Marvel 39-thirty baseball caps, Super Hero Stuff has it all. The list of characters not only range from your classic superheroes, such as Batman, Spider-Man, and Green Lantern but items from the Doctor Who and Game of Thrones series are also featured on their site.

In celebration of Ant-Man hitting theaters earlier this month, the awesome folks at Super Hero Stuff have put together a themed HeroBox titled “Size Matters Not!” to feature not only Ant-Man, but Atom, Yoda, Rocket Raccoon and a few other of our favorite pint-sized heroes.sizemattersnot2

SuperHeroStuff.com Size Matters Not! Hero Box included:

  • Star Wars: R2-D2 Keychain from BioWorld -$7.99
  • Yoda and R2D2 socks – $14.99
  • Rocket Raccoon magnet – $4.99
  • DC Comics: Atom t-shirt from DC Entertainment – $19.99
  • Funko Pop! Ant-Man Vinyl Bobble-Head – $12.99
  • 1 Ultimate Mystery #3 comic from Marvel Comics – $3.99
  • Ant-Man to the Rescue Sticker from C&D Visionary Inc. – $2.99
  • 2 Buttons feature Janet Van Dyne with Yellow Jacket and Ant-Man – $1.75 each
  • Yoda Koozie from ICUPinc.com – $8.99

Let’s begin with some of my favorite items, the comic. The issues are hand-picked, and the one I received was Ultimate Mystery #3, Written by Brian Michael Bendis 1417119-ultimate_comics_mystery_3(New Avengers, Age of Ultron), penciled by Rafa Sandoval (Ultimate Comics Doom) and cover by J. Scott Campbell. This issue features Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Ben Grimm, Spider-Woman, and Nova with Captain Marvel and Reed Richards as the main antagonists. I personally enjoyed receiving this in my box, as I am a huge collector of the 1610-Marvel Universe (Ultimate), and this was one of the issues I was missing from my collection.

The Yoda and R2D2 socks are a great addition to any wardrobe, As well as the Atom T-shirt, from DC Entertainment, which my fiance was quick to claim as her own. The t-shirt included the cover image from Atom’s first appearance in Showcase #34.socks

My favorite item was the Ant-Man Pop figure, because you can’t go wrong with a little Funko in your life. The Yoda Koozie was also a great addition to the box and complimented the socks I mentioned earlier.

The Koozie shaped as Yoda’s head is probably one of my favorite items along with the Magnet of Rocket the Raccoon. Both of which are perfect for any Den, man/batcave, game room, etc.

Overall, the HeroBox did not disappoint, I am very pleased by all the items I received. I love the variety of items, and the choices of characters. The total estimated value for the items I received were about $80.42, this is well worth over the cost to purchase the box, which is $49. The range of items are a great gift for yourself, your friends or family. There is something in there for everyone to enjoy.

antmanIf you are interested in purchasing a HeroBox, head on over to Super Hero Stuff for some great choices. Their theme choices currently include, Batman, Deadpool Captain America, Wonder Woman and more. Nightwing & Robin and Harley are two new boxes recently added and will begin shipping at the end of August, so get yours today!


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