Hidden Society # 3 (REVIEW)

Sep 22, 2020


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HIdden Society # 3
Dark Horse Comics

Script: Rafael Scavone
Art: Rafael Albuquerque
Colors: Marcelo Costa
Letters: Bernardo Brice

Revelations are all about pacing. Unfortunately, comics are mostly about action. That is where HIdden Society # 3 finds its strength and it’s struggle. It delivers some exciting action, showcasing each members abilities but it places the narrative and character development into the backseat.

We begin with the 2 remaining members (or 3 depending on how you view the team) on a mini hiatus. While this may seem strange given how last issue ended and the stakes for mankind, Orcus wisely is giving Jadoo some time to learn how to use his powers. Though we see him use his powers he doesn’t seem to have a true handle on them and unfortunately the team moves on without establishing he will be up to the task ahead of him.

Meanwhile, Mercy having departed on her own is headed towards the mountain where the Great Fire is contained. The wild card of the team, it was surprising how quickly she seems to have allied herself to their cause. Initially wanting to kill Ulloo it seems she could let her goal be accomplished by others and have her freedom. Eventually, the team is reunited. Mercy had decided to head towards the volcano. The others arrive to offer her a ride after an action sequence that showcases again how dangerous and unkillable Mercy is.

The standout characters so far in this series for me are the duo of Laura and Orcus. These two are amazingly interesting and illustrated. When their powers are used is when this comic truly comes to life and draws me in. If there is one thing that I don’t want to see hidden for long it would be the backstory of these two. I can’t tell who is the most devious of the two but together they make a great team and I want to know how it all started.

Hidden Society # 3 is a great comic. It has several action sequences, a car theft, a shootout with police, explosions. Rafael Albuquerque and Marcelo Costa work to make the characters and sequences jump of the panels. I can’t find a single complaint with the art in this series, it is consistently amazing. Unfortunately, when I see characters as interesting as Mercy and Laura and Orcus I can’t help but wanting a little more to be revealed.

Score: 8.8