Hip Hop Saved Me

Oct 3, 2018

Weezy F Baby and the F is for Finally.  Finally Lil Wayne’s The Carter V has released and what better day than on the Best Rapper alive’s Birthday.   The long awaited album is 23 tracks in length and doesn’t disappoint.   I feel like the younger generation won’t really vibe with the album but it is well produced and has a classic Wayne feel.  Weezy is one of my favorite Rappers of all time, both him and Drake.   He even has his old producer Mannie Fresh come out of retirement on a track.   I love the flow of the album, has clean instruments, beats and lyrics, a few radio friendly and a few hard flows.  As I mentioned before, I’m not sure if the newer crowd will vibe with it as it’s not your typical banger, mumble rap wave that we see.  Hardcore Hip Hop fans will enjoy though.  It features Kendrick, Nicki, Travis Scott, Snoop, and even the late great X.  All around it is a fantastic album.  Happy Birthday Weezy!

However…  On this day, we were blessed with Logic’s next big studio album.  This Summer Logic dropped his hot mixtape Bobby Tarentino 2 which put him on the map for a lot of casual listeners.  The tape was no surprise to long fans of the artist known as Young Sinatra.  This dude has consistently released the hardest albums and tapes for the over the last several years.  His latest latest project YSIV, is no joke. It is somewhat of a masterpiece even.  Seriously, the production and lyrics are next level and is truly what defines Hip Hop.  Influenced by the Legends, Nas, and Wu Tang, this album gives off a 90’s Hip Hop vibe. Speaking of Wu Tang Clan, they are featured on one of the tracks, ‘Wu Tang Forever’, and whoa.  This track makes you think twice about your life. It is solid. Please listen.

Most say that the 90’s was the peak of Hip Hop and can’t be replicated but with artist like Cole, Kenny, Logic, Lupe and some others we are blessed to see the light again.  Last Week Lupe Fiasco gave us DROGAS WAVE and it was one of the best projects of the year. This year has been huge for Hip Hop and we are seeing a huge surge in quality music despite what is being played on the radio with the whole ‘Mumble Rap’ wave.  What do ya’ll think of this years lineup of Hip Hop albums? Which has been your favorite?  It is tough, I know.