Hits You Right in the Childhood – an “Ellie Moonbeard and the Seekers of Shine” Review

Oct 7, 2015

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Ellie cover 2.0Ellie Moonbeard and The Seekers of Shine
TikiGod Comics

Story: Joseph Bradford
Pencils and Inks: Nico Selma
Colors: Brittany Peer

In the forward by the story writer, Joe Bradford, this comic was born from the idea of meshing together the love of Star Wars and The Goonies. Even without hearing the pitch, this comic was a fun family adventure that had the humor and good heartedness of The Goonies, while involving the mysteriousness and wonder of space and unexplored fantasy of Star Wars.

This volume collects the first three issues in the adventures for the crew of The Lovely Lady. Issue one introduced us to Ellie and her relationships with the crewmates and even the ship itself, the next chapter was about the thrill and adventure seeking, and the closing pages of this volume complicated the story while leaving me with enough questions to want to know more and where the adventure will go next.

The pencils and inks done by Nico Selma are light and soft. Each of the characters in this comic have personalities that are found in nearly every story, something that the script is able to express through mannerisms and dialogue. Selma’s art has a way of expressing each personality as well through their body language and blunders. The final key to the art of this comic was the coloring by Brittany Peer. I couldn’t help but take in the lovely space background coloring, the planet’s flora and landscape and the explosiveness of space explosions.


If you enjoyed Star Wars as a kid/adult for the exploration of the unknown, or you were a fan of The Goonies because the humor and family friendly adventure, then this book is worth the relatively quick read. Ellie Moonbeard was a smooth and breezy experience, making it quick but not lacking substance. Bravo.