Home Sick Pilots # 1 (REVIEW)

Dec 8, 2020


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Despite the small difference, there is a big difference between belonging and belongings. Feeling like you should be somewhere isn’t the same as something not wanting to let you go. For the star of Image Comics Home Sick Pilots, either option is better than her current situation.

Home Sick Pilots # 1

Image Comics

Writer: Dan Watters
Artist: Caspar Wijngaard

Home Sick Pilots is an alt metal horror story about longing for more than your life is now. For Ami, as well as her band mates in the Home Sick Pilots, there are two things they want. The first thing is to be recognized as a sick rock band; the other is only is vaguely hinted at. Dan Watter cleverly weaved a necessary conversation into this story. Homelessness and the foster care system are uncomfortable topics, easily ignored. However, given the state of our society it is a problem that does not appear to be going away. I only feel that it will worsen given the past year.

While watching rival town band, The Nuclear Bastards, the Home Sick Pilots conversation turns to ways to get what they want. It is Ami who suggests using the Old James House for their next gig. The brief glimpse of history for the “Murder House” adds to the conversation about vulnerable members of society. Adding to the appeal of the story is the way Caspar Wijngaard artiscally synchs the style of the story. This led to a dive bar horror feel throughout the comic – grungy, grimy, gritty and ghastly.

Home Sick Pilots # 1 Int

Home Sick Pilots # 1 has laid the groundwork for a very unique scary story. The cliche often used in movies and books is that the homeless are easy targets for foul play. Unfortunately, their absences receive a convenient write-off or occur with no one the wiser. If this debut issue is any indication, Ami isn’t missing. She has found a home…a dark domain…and she’s not alone. Finally she’s somewhere she belongs.

Score: 8.8

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