Feb 1, 2016

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ms1Moon Streak #1
Guardian Knight Comics

Created By: Alfredo “Apple” De La Fuente
Script: Austin Rogers & Wes Hartman
Art: Harvey Talibao
Colors: Wes Hartmanms2

Moon Steak has been out for a few issues now, but this new series from Guardian Knight Comics deserves a review of its first issue in what will hopefully be a long run to follow. The comic book industry is full of super powered individuals and “science experiments” gone wrong. Moon Streak falls right into that same category but doesn’t get caught in the same trap as other new book series of trying to be like “The Big Two” making super friends and leagues out of the powered beings. Right from the first panels of this series you can see this is going to be a comic book with a lot of creativity for characters and some amazing artwork.

Hope City is a place full of lethal science experiments (who look terrifying and wicked cool) and villains (who also have a unique flavor to their characters). In this dark sci-fi metropolis Veronica is just trying to survive and not be a victim as she reports and posts updates on the status of the current deaths caused by the dark villains to her site “Veronica’s Veil.” Austin Rogers’s script nicely moves the story along while giving us some background information into who Veronica is and the rest of the seedy dark MS4city’s happenings, including how hundreds of copycat sites keep the public up to date on deaths caused by crooks and bad guys.

The impressive and eye catching part of this comic (and the reason I picked up Issue 2 and sought out the first issue) is the art and coloring of Harvey Talibao and Wes Hartman. All of the characters just look really interesting and well thought out. If you follow Moon Streak on Facebook or on their other media outlets (Homepage), you can see the dozens of different character concepts up until the inked final look. There are some impressive colors filling out pages as well. From the vibrant monsters to the dark and mysterious villainous leaders, the choice of colors does an excellent job of making scenes pop when they need to and setting an ominous mood when called for.ms3

There are a lot of questions we still don’t know about this world created by “Apple,” but by the time you finish this issue you will want to read more, and not because of the lack of details, but because of how interesting everything the city and characters are. With Subject 74 and Veronica missing from the scene, after an awesome display of just some of Subject 74’s powers pitted against a monstrously muscled mouse, the next issue becomes a hunt for the two of them while more information and details of this great new world are slowly being unraveled. This issue is packed with powers and plenty of action to make you obsessed with this new series right away. Keep your eyes out for this comic, Moon Streak has the characters and creative talent to be a monthly pull.