Hotell Vol. 2 #5: AWA Studios Review

Apr 27, 2022

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If you ever encounter someone who doesn’t think a book or comic can scare them, hand them Hotell. Absolute nightmare fuel. And the finale of the title’s second volume, like every issue before it, is something you’ll want to read in the daylight.

AWA Studios
Written by: John Lees
Art by: Dalibor Talajic
Colors by: Lee Loughridge

Dalibor Talajic has run wild throughout this series, but his work in Hotell Vol. 2 #5 may be his best of the series. There’s a character we’ve seen throughout the series who Talajic handles a little differently in this issue, and it’s horrifying.

All the while, John Lees puts a gruesome bow on Hotell Vol. 2, positioning the title either comfortably end here or move forward into a third volume. The right move, of course, being: continue Lees and Talajic’s nightmare. There are so many avenues this team can take with the Hotell, a third volume shouldn’t even be a question. They could move forward with an arc akin to the first or even move forward with something related to the second volume’s story. At some point though, it’d be great to see Lees and Talajic delve into Pierrot Court’s history.

Hotell remains one of the best titles AWA Studios has produced, and both the first and second volumes are must-reads for horror comic book readers.

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