Sep 30, 2021

The online casino industry is incredibly competitive. New ideas and games are appearing all the time and the marketplace is rising at a lightning-fast rate. New statistics show that the online casino industry is currently valued at around 59 billion US dollars. This figure is expected to grow to 92.9 billion dollars by 2023

How is it then that casino operators manage to secure new business and reward loyal gamers in this highly charged industry? Well, they produce offers and bonus incentives that are difficult to refuse. 

Free Spins

Certain deals featured by online casinos provide players with different ways to benefit including many free spins offers that bring an appealing introduction to playing. The free spins are used specifically on slot machine games. Slots are one of the most popular online casino games. This is down to the fact that they are easy to play and provide a fast burst of fun.

The free spins are usually granted to a player when they open an account with the online casino provider.  

Welcome Bonuses 

Online providers are constantly coming up with new ideas to incentivise gaming. 

One of the most common types of bonuses provided by online casinos is a welcome bonus. Used specifically to reward new players for signing up, the type of bonus differs depending on whether a deposit is required or not. 

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus simply needs a player to sign up for a new account on the service. The provider portal will automatically grant a specific amount of money into the account as a bonus. The amount could vary, but will usually just be a small number to get the player started.

Match Bonus

A welcome based on placing a deposit is more common these days. A match bonus is when the casino matches a deposit with a percentage of the total deposit. For example, if the casino is offering a 100% match bonus and a player opens an account with $100, they will receive an extra $100 in their account.  If they chose to put in $200 to start with, they’d receive a $200 bonus. 

If the player takes careful note of the percentages on offer, they can benefit from a lucrative start to their playing. 

Free Money Bonus

Free money always sounds good, right? Well, casino operators looking to appeal to new players have come up with the idea of bonusing free money for play regardless of how much is put in. So, if a player deposits a minimum amount of 20 dollars, they will receive 80 dollars back. The amount offered will not change if the deposit is higher. 

These kinds of offers put some of the impetus on the player to work out the best deal. A free money bonus may initially seem to be a better bet than a match bonus, but careful analysis of the maths might offer a different result. 

Free Trials 

A free trial bonus is a reward for play and is designed to appeal to players looking for a low level of risk in their play. Essentially, a percentage of the bets made by the player will be returned to them, whether they win or lose. It works like a cashback bonus and is aimed at benefitting players new to the online gaming experience. 

Sticky bonus

A sticky bonus is a bonus that the casino offers for play but which the player cannot withdraw until their winnings are over the bonus amount. They are known as ‘sticky’ because they cannot be cashed and the bonuses and the winnings are ‘stuck’ together.

 Once the player meets the playthrough requirement of winnings, the bonus amount is removed, and the player can withdraw their winnings. Some online casinos further clarify the sticky bonus by making clear it is a ‘disappearing bonus’, in that it will be removed when making a first withdrawal.

Non-sticky bonus  

A non-sticky bonus offers players the chance to withdraw the initial deposit as well as any winnings made on top of the bonus. 

While the non-sticky bonus may seem like the most attractive option, sticky bonuses should not be discounted. They provide a great chance to get to know the game in question and build up experience and have fun. 

Loyalty bonus 

Many online casinos reward returning players with a loyalty bonus once they have reached a certain level of play and winnings. The offer varies from casino to casino, but the rewards are usually based on a loyalty points system. A player depositing 10 dollars might earn 1 point for example. The points can then be used to purchase further credit for playing. Again, the rates and value of credit points will vary from casino to casino. 

Smart casino companies will always be looking for new ways to appeal to players. The various bonuses, rewards schemes and offers will likely grow just as much as the industry that employs them. Providing a great benefit for both players and operators, the various offers are an integral part of the online casino picture. 

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