How Technologies Help in Overcoming Gambling: 3 Ways

Dec 23, 2020

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It has been a long year with different tales, numerous twists and turns, and countless reasons to be financially off-track. The last thing you need right now is an obsession or a habit that continues to plague your finances. Having a negative gambling pattern is surely the last thing your year needs.

Thanks to technological advancements and positive measures taken by different stakeholders in the gambling and banking industry, you can now worry less. Certain steps have been developed to rid you of these gambling problems and set you on track for a favorable close of the year and even a fruitful ride next year.

So, if you are troubled by the amount of money you constantly spend on betting, you can now heave a sigh of relief. There are a lot of ways out there courtesy technology to help you overcome your gambling problem. In this text, we shall be exposing you to three of these ways provided by technology through stakeholders in the financial and gambling industry.

Self-Exclusion Systems

In a case where you have discovered that while you have been at it (gambling), certain casinos, bookmakers, or websites have grown to be your favorites and now you are facing a difficult hurdle trying to stay away from these places and websites. Your help might just be lying in the hands of self-exclusion. Try to self-exclude during the time you explore for more assistance. Self-exclusion all by itself might not be sufficient to take you out of this deep, but it can be an instrumental part of your recovery.

Self-exclusion is a strategy devised to enable you to request for a gambling operator to exempt you from placing bets with them for a predetermined period – mostly between six months to five years. By implication, you will be denied service in the chosen betting venues (bookmaker, casino, etc.) and on the websites, you have decided to exclude yourself from. 

Legally, every gambling operator working in the United Kingdom has been mandated to present this to their customers as an alternative always. This way you can only access non GamStop casino with no deposit bonus based in offshore countries outside the United Kingdom.

You are still saddled with the duty of adhering to this measure, but at the least, you can be assured that the betting operator will do all they considerably can to assist you. If you believe self-exclusion could be the right tool you need, do well to exclude yourself from all these betting venues where you have that temptation to always place your bets.

So, if what will work for you is self-exclusion from online gambling self-exclusion, you can go online to the GAMSTOP website. UK and NI dwellers are now allowed to exclude themselves on this platform from all betting operators with a license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission to run in Great Britain. Self-exclusion is a FREE assistance and the registration process is very easy. This process runs for a timeframe of 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years.

Blocking Internet Connection with iGaming Sites

For those that bet online, it is almost inevitable that you may have opened a number of accounts. The way it happens is that you would have closed one account, and then created another. This can get really clumsy. And if you have now decided to avoid cases like this one in the near future, putting in the help of blocking software will come in handy. If for nothing at all, it will allow you that thinking time when you have such impulses.

Blocking software is a computer program that restricts entry to sites or other actions accessible online. There are two primary variances of blocking software you can find:

·  Gambling-specific blocking software for blocking online gambling operators.

·  General blocking software to block any websites and put in parental controls or access permissions.

If you do your research online, you will discover that there are a number of these blocking software that block ads and sites on Facebook and through search engine systems.. If you use smartphones and tablets, you can browse through the App Store or the Android Market to select from the ones available. 

And for iOS users, you can utilize the inbuilt resident parental blocker to deny entry to contents that are gambling-related. You should have someone else set the password for you. Making use of blocking software is a good way to begin your journey through overcoming gambling thanks to technological innovations.

Blocking Transactions Through Banks

UK banks have been working on what services they can provide to their clients who are at-risk gambling-wise. Thanks to technology, many banks now allow their clients to ‘turn off’ transactions to specific retailers, mostly gambling operators.

Clients with gambling problems can choose to opt for self-exclusion from gambling, utilize blocking software, and some other measures. Yet, many banks have chosen to do more to assist in overcoming gambling problems.

The gambling block is a component of a banking service that permits you to shut off your bank account, bank card, and/or credit card from processing payments to gambling retailers. The following banks have adopted this technology to assist their clients:

1. Royal Bank of Scotland

2. Lloyds Bank

3. Halifax

4. Bank of Scotland

5. mbna


7. Monzo

8. Starling Bank

9. Natwest




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