How to Escape from Tarkov Woods? Guide to Starting, Loot, and Danger Areas

Jan 22, 2019

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Navigating maps in Escape from Tarkov can be tough, especially if you’re new to the game and you have yet to familiarize yourself with the layout. In no area does this ring truer than in the Woods, which is rather confusing and difficult to traverse because of the trees and uneven ground that compose the terrain. If you need help grabbing loots for Escape From Tarkov trading in this forest, here’s a short guide.

Your Regular Neck of the Woods

Before we close in on the map’s important locations, here are some things players need to know first when they choose to be or unwittingly find themselves in this map. 

First, this is a Normal map. That means it’s one of the easier maps in the game, with Shoreline being the other one. The much tougher ones are known as Insane maps, which are the Factory and Customs.

Second, despite the fact that this is a Normal map, it’s still PVP-intensive, as the layout of the map makes it easy for players to find–and therefore take out–one another. So when you’re going through the Woods, you have to either be good at running for cover or standing your ground and fighting. When push comes to shove, you’ll need to be equally adept at both.

Treasure Hunt in the Forest

Now onto the map’s important locations! For the spawn points, there is the Old Station and the one near the Scav House. The former is on the westernmost part of the map, while the latter is on the east, a few meters north of the middle.

That being said, you’ll be making your way to the loot areas. Right smack in the middle of the map are the cabins in the workhouse area, where you can get food rations.

Another is what players have dubbed as the flash drive tent, which is located on the eastern side of the shoreline. Here, you’ll find the namesake flash drive which you’ll need for an objective in the future, so it’s a definite must-grab.

One spawn point worth noting is the one around the forest area northwest of the checkpoint and a few yards southeast of the Ritual area. It’s a spawn point that generates random but rare items such as guns. Also, a very few yards west of checkpoint is a parked car where you can find vital items, including a briefcase. But to unlock it, you’ll need the Yotota car key, which you’ll find in the lumber camp beside the 3 wooden shacks.

Finally, there’s a loot area southeast of the boat extraction point. It’s a hut where you can find weapons. Because of how near it is to the spawn point near the scav house, it’s recommended that you go here if you’re in need of firepower.

In and Out of Green Zones

We’re done with spawn points and loot areas, so it’s time we go to extraction points and danger areas. For the former, they are UN Road, Gateto Factory, RUAF Roadblock, Old Station, ZB-016, West Border, Mountain Stash, South V-EX, East Gate, Key ZB-014, Scav House, Outskirts, Deadman’s Place, and The Boat.

Almost all extraction points don’t require Escape from Tarkov items except for two: South V-EX and ZB-014. The former will need you to give 3000 Roubles while the latter will ask for the namesake key, which you can find in the eastern edge of the map.

Lastly, for the Danger Areas, aside from the spawn points where players will definitely be camping, watch out for the shoreline southwest of the Boat extraction and Sniper Rock. Many players will be perching here and take you out with one shot, so either avoid these places altogether or make sure you don’t stay long.

Woods are unsafe places, especially the one in Escape from Tarkov. So hopefully, with these tips, you’ll be able to survive and have a good run.