Change My Mind #34: How To Fix The DC Universe

Sep 18, 2019

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Wesley Sykes is away on his honeymoon, so Tim Weisberg is back in the big boy chair across from Nick Friar. They try to take on the impossible task of fixing DC’s approach to live-action films (41:17).

Prior to tackling that behemoth of a problem, they discuss some more Spider-Man/MCU/Sony drama, as well as Sly Stallone’s plea for a Rambo prequel (2:28). Nick runs Tim through the gauntlet of issue No. 1’s coming out this week (31:52), and the two decide who they’d rather get drinks with: Tyler Durden or Alfred Pennyworth (38:14). Tim makes a next-level observation when he and Nick get into what else has been on their minds (1:19:50).

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