How To Get Away With Murder Recap 2.1: Oh Mother!

Sep 27, 2015

Stop.  Watch the episode before you continue, because spoilers, obviously. 

murder-finaleIn honor of the How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) season two premiere, I am going to preface this recap with a theory:
Annalise Keating is Wes Gibbins’ mother. 

“Statistically if you’re going to be murdered, your killer will be someone you know.-Annalise 

Two months following the events in the season one finale, both Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) are trying to figure out-Who killed Rebecca?  The opening sequence cuts between Annalise and Frank moving Rebecca’s body from the basement, aimages-3nd a present day classroom scene (two months later).  Annalise is giving a lecture to her students about the incestuous relationships between murderers and their victims. Frank immediately believes that Wes (Alfred Enoch) killed Rebecca, because of their romantic relationship, “Do you really believe that?  After Sam, you know do you really believe that story about his mom killing herself…”, but Annalise quickly jumps to Wes’ defense. Meanwhile in the present day Wes interrupts Annalise’s lecture and refuses to answer her question, “What would be a good defense for a spouse who’s killed his lover?” Viola Davis maybe an Emmy winner, but Alfred Enoch holds his own during this scene.  Davis portrays Annalise as a scared parent confronting their child about an accusation and is terrified to find out the truth. Enoch acts confidently as a defiant child in the classroom.
“She ran away, after I told her I believed her and after everything I did for her.” 

images-4Before Rebecca’s murderer is revealed their is one more peculiar confrontation that takes place between Wes and Annalise.  This time she makes dinner for him-Question. Since when are professors allowed to cook for their students?  Anyways. Wes calls Annalise out on lying to him about Rebecca being alive and kept in a hotel.  Again, there is fear in Davis’ performance during this exchange, the feeling borderlines as a mother concern for her child. Again, why is Annelise so fearful of Wes?  She defends murderers for a living.   Wes finally admits to not being over Rebecca and remains confident that eventually he’ll move on, because “she ran away.” This isn’t the first time that an important female in his life has left him behind.  Remember, back in the first season he revealed that his mother committed suicide.  Why doesn’t Frank believe this story?  Should we believe Wes? Consider a possible hidden mother abandonment subtext to this exchange between Annalise and Wes.

“Do you want to find her?”-Annelise. images-6
“No, she ran away…after everything I did for her…” -Wes

Maybe, Frank is right and Wes lied about his mother committing suicide-maybe she just abandoned him and his father.  Wes did not kill Rebecca, but Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil) did, because she wanted to protect Annalise.  Not to mention that Bonnie was in love with Sam and believed that Rebecca murdered him. I have some theories on Bonnie, but I will reserve them for a future episode recap. Meanwhile the Keating five will be helping Annelise defend two siblings, who have been accused of killing their adoptive parents.  This will serve as the overarching case for this season.  Just like how in season one every episode contains flashimages-5backs to the Keating five covering up Sam’s murder; season two episodes will flash forward to…wait for it…Annalise’s murder.  Note, she’s still breathing during the final scene, so the real question is who shot Annalise Keating?

“You can tell me anything, I’ll protect you always.”-Annalise

Wes is shown desperately fleeing the estate, after a gun shot is heard, and then camera pans inside to show Annalise Keating bleeding out on the floor.  While, her lecture from the opening repeats, “Statistically if you’re going to be murdered, your killer will be someone you know… An acquaintance, your friend, a family member… your lover.” There’s an emphasis placed on “lover,” but I don’t want Annalise to have an affair with Wes this season.  That would be really weird, considering Annalise’s motherly relationship she has with Wes.

images-7Plus during this episode we are introduced to her old flame Eve (Famke Janssen). She certainly could have motive to shoot Annalise.  Eve will be defending Nate Lahey (Billy Brown) against the murder charge that he was Annalise’s jilted lover and killed Sam.  See? There are plenty of characters who would have a motive to shot Annalise, not just Wes.  Even characters without faces, such as the mysterious “Eggs 911”, who Rebecca texted right before being killed.  How to Get Away with Murder remains to be a show filled with organized chaos, even in season two.