How to Get Merlin Anime Adventures and Maximize Her Abilities

May 20, 2024

Enter the magical world of “Anime Adventures,” a game that mixes popular anime themes with battle strategies in a very good way. Merlin, the mystery sorceress from “The Seven Deadly Sins,” is the spotlight of this guide.

She is known for being smart and strong with magic. Find out how to get Merlin, a very popular Secret Limited unit, and how to use her strong magic skills in battle. Our tips will teach you how to use Merlin and improve your game experience, whether you’re a new player looking to build your team or an experienced one wanting to get better at battle.

Who is Merlin in Anime Adventures?

Merlin casting spells in a mystical forest, how to get Merlin Anime Adventures

The character Merlin, who comes from the popular anime show “The Seven Deadly Sins,” is one of the most important ones in Anime Adventures. Merlin, or “Merlyn” in the game, is a Secret Limited unit.

She is known for being strategically smart and having a lot of magical power. Because she is rare and strong, players who want to improve their game are always looking for her.

Key Attributes and Abilities

In “The Seven Deadly Sins,” Merlin is known for being able to control magic and enchantments, and her skills in the game are similar to those in the book.

Merlin is a ground unit that focuses on magic damage. He has a unique set of skills that can change the way the battlefield works in big ways. These are some important things:

Rarity and Acquisition Challenges

  • Since Merlin is a Secret unit, getting her is not easy. Due to how rare she is, she can be a game-changer for people who get her.
  • Finding Merlin is hard, which makes her feel special and desirable. This is why she is one of the most talked-about units in game forums and talks.

How Do You Get the Secret Character in Anime Adventures?

Merlin at a magical portal gathering items, how to get Merlin Anime Adventures

Secret characters like Merlin can be unlocked in “Anime Adventures,” which makes the game more fun and gives players special skills and benefits. Getting these figures usually involves both doing things in the game and making plans ahead of time.

Guide to Unlocking Merlyn Infinity in Anime Adventures

In the Anime Adventures world, you have to do certain things to get Merlin, who is also called “Merlyn Infinity” in the game. Here’s how to add this strong character to your team:

  • Take Part in Limited-Time Events: Merlin is usually offered during special events. Keep an eye on the game’s news and take part in the events they lead to if you want to unlock Merlin.
  • Trade with Other Players: Trading with other players is another good choice if you miss the chance to get Merlin during events. Use the Fandom app and forums to connect with other players and look for people who are ready to trade Merlin.
  • Infinite Tower task: Some players say that hitting certain levels in the “Infinite Tower” task can earn you Merlin. It takes time and a strong group of people to do this.
  • Use the Fandom App: The Fandom app logo will take you to a treasure trove of information from the “Anime Adventures” community, including more specific strategies and news about when Merlin might be available.

Is Gilgamesh Still Obtainable in Anime Adventures?

Merlin using AoE spells in a battle, how to get Merlin Anime Adventures

Gilgamesh is a character that people want in “Anime Adventures,” and you can still get him, though it can be hard to do so because of the specific steps and time needed. Gilgamesh may only show up during certain events or calling campaigns, just like many of the game’s other special characters. 

Players who want to add Gilgamesh to their collections should keep an eye out for opportunities and be ready to act quickly when they come up.

Strategies for Obtaining Gilgamesh in Anime Adventures

  • Check the Event Schedules: Gilgamesh is often free during times when special events are happening. Keep an eye on the game’s event calendar and plan your resources around it.
  • Smart Gem Spending: It’s important to save up your in-game money, like gems, for times when Gilgamesh is online. If you spend them at the right event, your chances of getting him go up.
  • Trade with Other Players: If it’s hard to get what you want directly, you might want to trade with other players. Use tools like the Fandom app to connect with other people in your neighborhood and look for possible business partners.
  • Stay Active in the Game: Doing daily and weekly quests regularly can also give you the tools you need to try calling Gilgamesh.

How Do You Get Law in Anime Adventures?

Merlin commanding a battlefield, how to get Merlin Anime Adventures

When playing “Anime Adventures,” players need to take certain steps to get the character Law. Law can be gotten in a number of different ways within the game, all of which require players to be dedicated and present at the right times. It’s important to know when and how to act when adding Law to your list.

Steps to Acquire Law in Anime Adventures

  • Take part in limited-time events: Law is often offered during these types of events. It’s important to keep up with the game’s plan and attend these events.
  • Calling windows: Law could also show up in calling windows. You should save up your in-game money, like gems, so you can use these platforms at the best times.
  • Trading with Other Players: Trading with other players can be a way to get Law if you miss the chance to get it during events or by calling. Community apps like the Fandom app can help you find trading possibilities.
  • Keep Up with Updates: The game’s developers keep players up to date through their formal channels and the Fandom app. If you stay up to date, you’ll know when Law might be available again.

Can you still get Ainz in Anime Adventures?

Ainz can still be found in “Anime Adventures,” but it may depend on certain events or changes that happen in the game. People really want to play Ainz because he has special skills and is useful for planning fights. 

If players want to get Ainz, they need to keep an eye on the game’s event calendar and be ready to fight when he becomes available.

Acquiring Ainz in Anime Adventures

  • Special Summoning Events: Most of the time, you can get Ainz through special summoning events that are mentioned ahead of time. Gems or other in-game money are often needed for these events.
  • Trade Opportunities: If you can’t make it to direct calling events, you might be able to trade with other players instead. You can find people to trade with in the Anime Adventures group on sites like the Fandom app.
  • Stay Up-To-Date: You can find out when Ainz might be available again by checking the game’s updates often and staying involved on community forums and the Fandom app.
  • Save Your Resources: Your chances of getting Ainz go up if you save your resources over time and use them wisely during events that involve him.

Is VIP worth it in Anime Adventures?

You can greatly improve your “Anime Adventures” experience by purchasing a VIP membership, which gives you special access and can speed up your progress. How much time and work you plan to put into the game will determine if VIP is worth it. 

The benefits of VIP rank can be very useful for serious players, making games more fun and efficient.

Benefits of VIP Status in Anime Adventures

  • Rewards and Special Access: VIP users often get rewards and special access to events that other players can’t get. This could mean getting new characters, levels, or special things early.
  • Gain More Resources: One of the best things about being a VIP is that you can get resources like gems, coins, and special currencies more quickly. This could help you move through the game faster.
  • Better Game Features: Being a VIP may also give you access to better game features, like more inventory spots, areas that are only for VIPs, or more ways to customize your characters.

A cost-benefit analysis should be done to compare how much the VIP membership costs to how much time you spend playing the game. For people who do it often, the extra resources and time saved can make the cost worth it.

Key Takeaways

Merlin, also called “Merlyn Infinity,” can only be unlocked in “Anime Adventures” by planning ahead and playing at the right time. This strong character from the anime “The Seven Deadly Sins” is very useful in fight because she can do magic.

Important Aspects to Remember

  • Event Participation: Strictly necessary to compete in events specifically offering Merlin as a prize.
  • Strategic Resource Use: Do not forget to manage your resources wisely, focusing on events that allow you to add Merlin to your roster.
  • Community Interaction: Use the fandom app logo and any associated community resources to stay informed and connect with other players for trades and advice.

These tips will greatly increase players’ chances of getting Merlin in “Anime Adventures,” which they can then use to dominate the game.


What makes Merlin a must-have unit in Anime Adventures?

Merlin is an important character for strategic games because her powerful area-of-effect spells can control big parts of the battlefield. Her flexibility makes both the offense and defense better.

How does Merlin compare to other secret units in terms of power and utility?

Merlin does damage to multiple enemies at once, while many other secret units only deal harm to one target. Because of this, she is useful in a lot of different game types.

What are the most challenging aspects of acquiring Merlin?

It’s hard to get Merlin because she only shows up in Normal Portals sometimes and doesn’t drop very often. It also takes a lot of time and money to gather her evolution supplies.

Can Merlin be evolved multiple times, and what does each stage offer?

Merlin changes into Merlyn Infinity, which makes her power and range much better. This development makes her better at fighting, so the money will be worth investing in.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when using Merlin in battles?

Merlin is less useful when she is sent out by herself because she can be threatened. She can also lose power in battle if she doesn’t time her spells right.