Jul 23, 2021

Movies From Books

There is a fine line between iconic status and obscurity, but the relationship between books and film franchises can be mutually beneficial. A great book will often spawn different adaptations in other forms of media – for example, James Bond was originally created by novelist Ian Fleming before he went on to star in his own films! Now that’s one way to successfully turn books into movies!

James Bond was a book before a movie

It is often the most popular book series that lend themselves to the most successful film adaptations. Perhaps this can be attributed, in part, to their already iconic status as books or a book series before they are remade for movies; Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings being two prime examples on top of Twilight, The Hunger Games, and The Hobbit among others (like James Bond or the Bourne Identity). And indeed it’s not just popularity but also fidelity: those made by JK Rowling herself were all well received due to her creative input with screenwriter Steve Kloves since she had so much knowledge about these characters- afterall she created them!

The popularity of a franchise is built up by the number of books and films in it, with each successive release being popularized more than the last. The Harry Potter series has had seven releases – novels as well as movies – before Deathly Hallows Part II was released which meant that there would be no chance for this film to flop after all those other successful ones were made about it so far.

Harry Potter were popular books made into movies

Best Books Made Into Movies

Many films based on books, such as “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, are among some of the highest grossing movies in history. However, not all successful adaptations come with high ratings from critics like IMDB – many top-10 bestsellers have been turned into mediocre film versions that were less financially profitable than their franchise counterparts but more critically acclaimed by moviegoers. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that even though standalone releases tend to be better received critically than those within a series (e.g., Harry Potter), they don’t perform nearly as well at the box office because of lacklustre marketing for surefire audience favorites or fatigue due to overexposure if sequels follow too closely together between installments; these blockbusters. 

Most Successful Book Series Turned Into Movies

The Harry Potter series is the world’s most read and watched book-to-film franchise in history, which may be due to it being more of a literary phenomenon than an entertainment one. Though critics give mixed reviews for these films on Rotten Tomatoes, they are among some of the highest grossing movies ever made with total earnings totaling over $7 billion worldwide since 2001.

Though Goodreads does not have scores as high as those found through IMDB (though this could simply because there were fewer people contributing), every single rating that was given by contributors who rated them is higher than any film score collected from ratings sites such as RottenTomatoes or Metacritic.

Lord of the Rings Books Made into Movies

Books Made From Movies

You might find it surprising, but we rely on the opinion of movie critics more than that of book lovers when determining which movies are better. While there is no question in some cases where a film adaptation’s critical acclaim exceeds its monetary success – such as with Gone Girl – six out our top ten most successful adaptations were rated higher by IMDB than Goodreads, suggesting they may be considered critically better and have lower earnings.

Books That Are Movies Are Rated Higher

Of the top 10 highest-grossing book-to-film adaptations, none of the films are rated higher than books. Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings have hit it big with their movies proving to be more popular than any other film adaptation on this list. Betway Casino took a look at this topic and the trend is clear: while films may now be far more mainstream and popular than many people believe they once were, an iconic series such as these two will ensure that a movie remake will make viewers want to flock back into theaters for years to come.