Aug 2, 2021



Recruiting managers only spend 7 secs on average reviewing a CV when shortlisting a potential candidate. This makes first impressions powerful. Resume writing is also similar to customwriting. Here are a few easy yet successful tips to help you make your resume stand out from the crowd:

1. Start with Skills and Accomplishments


Use your custom writing skills and start with a summary of your skills and achievements instead of writing a few introductory lines about yourself. This will immediately grab the HR manager’s attention. You can then mention a few lines about yourself. Use power verbs to highlight your previous academic and employment achievements. Words such as Initiated, Increased and Improved, etc come under power verbs. 

2. Focus on Results Instead of Responsibilities

Always add how you resolved the issues and added value to the company instead of just sharing job responsibilities. This helps in making your resume strong and stand out from the rest of the candidates. For example: instead of writing “responsible for managing and running Social media campaigns“, write something like “Helped in increasing the brand awareness by 40% through social media ads for XYZ company.” 

3. Tailor it According to the Job Description


A lot of people ignore the importance of custom writing a resume. They send a cookie-cutter resume to every job application out there. Instead, read all the requirements carefully and tailor your resume according to those specifications. Explain why you are the right candidate for the job. You can share your relevant achievements in the job description and remove the ones that look a bit irrelevant.

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HR is looking to shortlist candidates that have an accurate and relevant resume. Through customwritings, you can receive writing help and get some ideas on what to add to your relevant work experience and achievements in order to increase the chances of an interview call.

4. Emphasize Personal Development and Career Growth

Don’t forget to highlight your personal development in your resume. Share how you have matured and grown over the years and moved up the corporate ladder. This would show the hiring managers that you love to learn and therefore make for an excellent candidate for their job.

5. Showcase Your Network

You can also share a few recommendations from your network, be those network connections from your school or previous workplace. Networking boosts a candidate’s profile and is greatly appreciated by employers.

Mentioning a few hot trends and news relevant to the industry you are applying for will put a positive impression on the recruiter. You will get a lot of interview calls from different companies if you mention your industry insights. Make sure what you mention is trending and new. For example, when applying as a game developer, mention a few popular game trends in the industry

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7. Show You’re a Passionate Learner

Always share your academic and work certificates, training, and presentations. This shows that you are a motivated and passionate learner who loves to learn, grow and embrace challenges. Also, highlight any leadership role at previous workplaces even if it was done in the absence of your colleague for a few days.

8. Your Resume is your Ad Copy


Don’t forget to format your resume. Use the right fonts, headings, and bullets where necessary. Keep the most important information at the top of the resume so that it isn’t overlooked.


CustomWriting a perfect resume is a time-consuming task, however, it is your first impression on your potential employer. The more time you put in polishing your resume, the more the chances are for getting a call and making it through to acquire your dream job. 

Don’t forget to take a few tips from the professional resume writing services by visiting different sites on Google. Sit back, relax, play your favorite video games, and refresh your creative writing skills when feeling stuck. Soon you will be able to let your creative juices flow inside your brain to format your resume in the best way possible. Happy resume writing and formatting!

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