Hugh Jackman Admits Openness For A Wolverine Cameo In DEADPOOL

Mar 3, 2015


During a brief interview clip from MTV Hugh Jackman reveals he’s still very friendly with Ryan Reynolds praising the actor and how he’ll nail Deadpool in the new film. Also slightly teasing his willingness to make an appearance in the film as Wolverine.


“Ryan, I’m really good friends with and I’m happy for him and he’s brilliant actor, he will nail that. Am I dodging your question well?…They are definitely enemies in the they always spark off well together so I’d be open to that idea.”

The film isn’t even shooting for a couple of months but I’m sure they could find a spot where Wolverine could cameo. A scene placing Wade Wilson in the Weapon X Program in a revised origin or Deadpool having a brief fight with Logan could be very easy to include.

We still don’t have confirmation that Jackman is even apart of X-Men Apocalypse but he will be shooting Wolverine 3 later in the year as stated by director James Mangold.

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It’s very possible Hugh Jackman could end-up shooting all his X-Men scenes in one chunk during the Wolverine 3 shoot instead of having to be apart of three different productions. Since reshoots and pick-up shots are extremely common they could look to add Jackman’s scenes at a later date.


Placing Wolverine in Deadpool could also help ramp-up the desire of an X-Force film for audiences. It might be just as simple as his cameo in X-Men First Class.

Would you like to see Wolverine in Deadpool or should this be the Deadpool show only?


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