Hugh Jackman Cryptically Reveals ‘WOLVERINE 3’ Could Be His Last Time Playing WOLVERINE

Mar 28, 2015

A vague Instagram from Hugh Jackman is getting everyone in a tizzy that he might be retiring Wolverine, since he doesn’t mention X-Men Apocalypse by name he most likely is referring to Wolverine 3 which shoots early next year.

At this moment Jackman is rumored for cameo in the upcoming X-Men film but its unconfirmed by Singer and Hugh. It’s possible he could be nixed from the film entirely to make room for other mutants.

We actually don’t have the context of the statement which might get some clarification soon from the actor. I’m sure 20th Century Fox will want him to clarify the statement. It very well could refer to a claw-fitting, or being pumped to play Wolverine again, context is king which we don’t have.


A photo posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on


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Remember, The Wolverine 2 is greenlit and given a release date in 2017 with James Mangold confirming it will shoot early next year. Keep an open-mind because we’ve seen posts like this taken out of context before. Considering the talk of using Old Man Logan being the main influence of the film, it’s unlikely they’ll be rebooting the character.

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Jackman has also revealed in recent interviews he wanted to play the character until he “dies”, curious of he was referring to himself or the character. The “last time” could refer to him being apart of the main X-Men films, not excluding him from a final solo film.

Screen shot 2015-03-28 at 4.43.17 AM

My take is that he’s already hinting he could be playing the one armed future Wolverine, which might lead to his death which was supposed to happen in Days of Future Past. I doubt it means he’s done with the character it might be a death scene similar to the opening of the last film, something that can be changed. Again, a final bow as Logan in the main X-Men films.

Screen shot 2015-03-28 at 5.14.24 AM

If they were going down the road to recast or reboot Wolverine, X-Force makes the most sense for that to happen. Since it’ll likely include a new lineup of characters outside of the main X-Men saga.

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Some interesting names that people have been kicking around to be recast as Wolverine include Karl Urban, Tom Hardy, Jon Bernthal, and my personal choice Richard Armitage.


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