Hugh Keays-Byrne Who Plays Immortan Joe and Toecutter Signed-On For Three More ‘Mad Max’ Movies

May 19, 2015


Nerdist is claiming because Hugh Keays-Byrne has said he’s signed-on to three more films, two of which are prequels they are running with it like it’s the gospel. Going ahead to proclaim the next two films will be prequels, without further information to back this up. I really think Nerdist might be jumping the gun here, considering they fail to mention that Hugh played Toecutter in the first film, but plays a different villain in Fury Road.

I’d be willing to bet he would be playing an entirely new villain if he does show-up in Wasteland. This is because we have zero signs that a prequel is even happening, and the current expectation is that the next one will be focused on Max.


It’s very possible that Hugh could be just lined-up to play multiple villains in the franchise like he already has and not specifically reprising the role of Immortan Joe. George Miller might just really like working with Hugh and since his face was never shown he could easily play another character in this universe. I don’t think if we do see Hugh again he’ll be playing Joe in the film, but that’s my current impression since there expectation is that we’ll see Tom Hardy’s Max front and centre in Mad Max The Wasteland, who played second fiddle to Furiosa in Fury Road.

We haven’t heard a thing about Furiosa‘s Charlize Theron returning, and considering how big that news would be it’s hard to imagine the trades not catching wind of it. Even more so when Miller has been extremely open with press during the rounds of promotion. I’m a bit skeptical about the next film focusing on Theron’s character, when she’s already lining-up other gigs and hasn’t mentioned willingness to come back. No matter what was once the plan with the double-shoot (where I think their confusion comes from), it obviously changed and what Miller has in-store for Wasteland isn’t actually known to us at the moment.

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Although, to be fair it did seem like Max had some history with the warlords, taking it upon himself to kill two out the three.

Take this news with the largest grain of salt possible.





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