Humbl Beginnings…..Attack of the Shorts

May 28, 2021

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Humbl – The Rocket ascent

Humbl shot out of the gate earlier this year. I found this company while scanning stocks on my lunch break the Wednesday before thanksgiving. Why would a carpet company be up 40% in the OTC? I first stumbled on the Forbes article knighting Brian Foote a “company to watch” in 2020. That piqued my interest enough to dig some more. I came across the Digibyte summit in Amsterdam in 2019 which I referenced in my first Humbl beginnings post. That vision alone prompted my liquidation of stagnant holdings to purchase Tesoro Enterprises (the company Humbl completed a reverse merger with). With an average price of nine cents a share, I was in the game. Promise after promise, vision after vision, the potential was too great to pass up. Despite the massive outstanding share count, this opportunity smelled different. Family member after family member received a phone call from me. Two words stood out in my mind. Generational Wealth. I shared this knowledge with all those I had a good rapport with. Lives were being changed. Mr. Foote went to work retiring 551,669,335 million shares. Then he agreed to convert over 318 million shares purchased by him out of the retail market to a new class of Preferred shares.  The merger was completed and HUMBL Pay was born (OTC: HMBL). I watched as my position strongly drove in six-figure territory. Smiling daily knowing that my friends and family were enjoying the same gains. Life was good. Humbl was transitioning wealth to my loved ones right before my eyes. Humbl was about to change my zip code.

Humbl is a new threat to the establishment. 

Attention came from many directions. Writers were enamored with this groundbreaking technology. Humbl is a game-changer that financial institutions are fearing. Recall the article where Jamie Dimon says JPMorgan Chase should absolutely be ‘scared s—less’ about fintech threat. He’s right and the vision of Foote appears to be that of legends. Like a chess match, Foote has orchestrated a series of acquisitions that puzzled some, enlightened some, and straight angered some. Relationships soured when a reverse split eventually erased the short-term dreams of many investors. Phrases like “typical OTC company” and “scam” were thrown around the internet. My holdings eventually decreased by 90%. I too was irritated. This was the one. I found my unicorn and it left me alone at the altar (so I thought). The hate piled on faster than diabetes at a NASCAR event. Keyboard Karens went to work. Companies that openly short stocks blatantly attacked Humbl. The battle lines were drawn. Short-selling artists feverishly attempted to nuke Humbl’s stock price. Companies that on the surface appear to have an impressive following. Take Hindenburg Research and their 161K followers for example. Upon further research of these short artists, you will have a hard time trying to find an organic post garnering “likes’ ‘ from at least 10% of their followers. How can a “fill in the blank here” media presence appear so grandiose but deliver such an ordinary social footprint? It was at that point I became aware that you can purchase 2,500 followers for the low price of $50. In my world, short-sellers are the type of people that have what can be referred to as a “punchable face”. They prey on timely articles and short selling to trigger stop losses in multiple fashionsThis isn’t the first time they have played in this arena. Timing is everything and their latest article delivered embellished exaggerated thoughts to promote a cascade of sellers. While some of their points brought up truthful instances, it was delivered in a way intended to create financial harm. Unfortunately, it succeeded…for some. Luckily for them, it isn’t too late to change the future.

The GameStop fiasco brought Wallstreet to its knees. Just ask short-seller Andrew Left of Citron Research how that went. Again, here is another short seller with a limited number of likes on organic posts.

These types of organizations are created to deceive, distort facts, and embellish negatives most likely for their own (teams) financial gain. Purchase some Twitter followers and you too can hide behind the curtain of success while preying on weak hands. 

Humblnation is growing.

Despite the coordinated attacks from those with ulterior motives a movement is coming to life. The last attack on Humbl was worth twelve cents and brought the company to .76/share. Most companies have a difficult time weathering the storm of such an attack. Humbl is different. Since Hindenburg’s best shot HUMBL has brushed its shoulders off and almost doubled in price at the time of this writing.

Confidence is growing in not only the product and leadership but stronger hands are realizing what’s at stake. At a minimum, this has the looks of a 10 bagger in the making. A community is banding together and they won’t be shaken. Investors all around the country are standing up in unison as evident in the current WallStreetBets Reddit forum vs Hedge Funds. Heaven help the shorts if WallStreetBets gets a whiff of Humbl, their app, Foote’s team & vision, and current share price. 

What does Humbl have that is so great?

Humbl has an app that when fully deployed will have no limits, no borders, and no competition. On April 16, 2021, Humbl opened up the merchant portion of its app in 6 countries. In its first month, HUMBL amassed 30K active user accounts. Please note that PayPal was offering new sign-ups money to use their technology in 2000. 

Humbl components

When it’s all said and done, Humbl will most likely be the common denominator for all cell phones on this planet. Pay, invest, rate, review, transact and prove the origin of work. One app to rule them all. You literally won’t need anything else and you can currently enjoy a percentage of the world’s transactions by investing today. Watch your current income grow to passive income, then into generational financial independence.

I/we are long in Humbl since November 28, 2020. I will continue to accumulate shares until they up-list to NASDAQ. I am not receiving any compensation at the time of writing this opinion from anyone. I am not a financial advisor and please consult a professional before trading any stocks. This is solely an opinion and should be taken as such. I have downloaded the app and I intend to use it regularly.