Impressions: The Fall

Jun 12, 2014

The Fall is a Metroid and Limbo inspired side-scrolling adventure game by Over The Moon Games. You play ARID, an artificial intelligence on-board a futuristic combat suit. While the suit does house a human pilot, the pilot herself is incapacitated. It’s up to ARID to resuscitate her pilot and find a way back to the surface. Gameplay is similar to Limbo in that you explore a dreary, mostly quiet world in search of items and clues to find your way forward. Limbo is a smart puzzler but The Fall takes that to the next level with Metroid-inspired traversal. The story and atmosphere are truly engrossing. Some may call some of the challenges obscure or challenging. I like to think of them as creative. If you enjoy puzzlers, The Fall is a can’t miss. Unfortunately, describing it further will spoil the game 🙂

It’s available now on Steam for $9.99: