‘Indiana Jones 5’ Release Delayed A Full Year To July 2021 – Production Delays Are Expected

Jul 10, 2018

It looks like those Indiana Jones 5 script rewrites from Solo’s Jonathan Kasdan might be a little more extensive as we first thought.

Disney has now delayed the film’s release date an entire year from July 10th, 2020 to July 9th, 2021. Steven Spielberg recently announced that the film would begin filming in April of next year in the United Kingdom, but if the release date has been pushed a year it suggests a production delay is coming as well. We assume due to the newly announced rewrites.

This seemingly gives more fuel to the talk of Kenobi: A Star Wars Story becoming Lucasfilm’s big 2020 release. As they now have removed Indiana Jones 5 from their 2020 slate and are unlikely to skip shooting a feature film next year.


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