Indie Showcase Gives Several Gems to Discover

Jun 16, 2021

E3 2021 is wrapping up and while we’ve heard lots from the major studios, it’s time to focus and see what our indie developers have in store. If you caught the Indie Showcase on Monday, you’ve already seen most glimpses of these titles. If you like what you see, comment, share and follow along with the developers.

Fallen A.C.E.S (New Blood Interactive) — Giving off major vibes of the 90s FPSs like Doom, Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein, this crime noir title puts you in Switchblade City trying to figure who’s taking down the A.C.E.S. Battling with weapons and fisticuffs, you are in this dark city trying to take down the element blighting the area. Coming out soon on Steam.

LifeSlide (Dreamteck) — Simplistic and emotional, LifeSlide is a paper airplane flyer through a gorgeous landscape and soundtrack. Several types of planes, a 28 stage Story Mode and a Zen Mode for endless flights, this title looks to be a pleasant challenge. LifeSlide will be releasing on Steam on August 6th.


ExtraGalactica (Ghost Street Games) — In a reverse-Tron maneuver, the villain from a video game escapes into the real world to invade a nearby planet. Flerp the quarterback and Nova, his feline mascot, are off to the planet Celestro to take out this villain and retake his championship trophy. The game is currently out now as a top-down shooter and the campaign mode is coming soon, which brings together both shooter and platformer into one game.

Terra Invicta and Alliance of the Sacred Suns (Hooded Horse) — Two similar titles coming out of this Texas-based studio this year in the strategy genre. Terra Invicta sees the Earth invaded and society split into seven factions where you take control of one. You take this faction, expand it into space and defend it against the alien threat. Alliance of the Sacred Suns is a 4X space strategy where you take on the role of a new emperor trying to bring order to the empire. With feudal houses to contend with, an empire to revive and unknowns to defend against, will you be able to take your Emperor the distance? Both titles due for release in 2021.

With these titles and more coming out from these independents, the future of the gaming industry is still vibrant. Enriched with the creativity, diversity and imagination of more and more artists, innovation in games will continue for a very long time. Stay tuned in for more from these and more developers from E3 2021.

Terra Invicta