International Tabletop Day – April 29th!

Apr 24, 2017

International Table Top Day is a world-wide celebration of the tabletop gaming community and industry. ITTD was created in 2013 by the minds over at Geek and Sundry. Spear headed by pop culture icons and gaming fanatics, Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton, who host the well received tabletop gaming show “TableTop”, ITTD has become a yearly tradition that has grown in scale and popularity.

From – From the heaviest strategy game to the lightest party game, ITTD gives gamers a chance to celebrate those who bring their passions to the table. Tabletop Day is also a day to celebrate those who come to the table in contest or cooperation. It is a time of friends tasked with war and strangers finding a common bond to survive through the next turn. We honor the communities that gather around the table, those who bring the winning spirit and sportsmanship to play with others. We play not just against the board, but with others. To you who manage groups, bring new people to the table, and find that one night out of the month to bring your team together to fight a dragon; this day is for you.

And let us not forget the places we play games, find our new passions, or simply connect with those who are looking to play together. International Tabletop Day lives within the walls of your friendly local game store and community events. It is here that communities and games find each other, where information is shared and passions flare to life. You’ll find a universe to explore behind every door and beneath every box. International Tabletop Day looks to shine a light on stores and community events out there looking to bring everything that we love about the day together.

If you are looking to participate in some local events, you can head over to the website, type in your location, and see what is available around you. Many friendly local game stores take part, offering up free to play events and open gaming. Local libraries and retailers such as Barnes and Nobles are also hosting events. Some small local private groups even open up their homes or rent halls for the day and invite anyone to come join in. This is something that is actually encouraged and the site lets you set up a personal event page! Geek and Sundry will also be streaming live on Twitch through out the day playing games with many celebrity guest and playing videos that gamers have been submitting through the ITTD website on “How board games have changes their lives”. (You can also check in on us at What The Geek?! on Twitter and Facebook as well be doing some live videos throughout the day from our local event too!)

So clear your schedule, find a seat at the table, and roll some dice this Saturday, April 29th!