Interview with Jimmy Palmiotti at MCM Comic-Con London

Nov 6, 2018

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First off, I would like to thank Jimmy Palmiotti for his time in this interview.  Enjoy the interview everyone!

GWW: How are you enjoying MCM?

Jimmy Palmiotti: MCM London is fantastic. It is our (Jimmy & Amanda Conner) first time signing in the U.K. I’ve been here many times before usually to visit my friends. Of course, the Steve Dillon who is no longer with us, Garth Ennis, Phil Winslade, John McCrea. I use to come out and see all of the guys but this is the first time we did this show and it was grueling 3 days. It was busy the whole time but everybody was sweet, everybody was nice.  Although it was nonstop, it was great to see a lot of people. They said you know we’ve been for you to come here and that’s very nice to hear.  It’s great to see that this part of the world our books you know, people enjoy them.  That’s really what you do for a living, you wanna entertain people everywhere.  It’s been a great show. They treat us spectacular you know.  They spoiled us, so we’ll probably do it again one day.

GWW: Favorite characters you get to work on?

JP: Well you know I have a couple. Obviously, Harley Quinn has been a favorite.  I like Painkiller Jane because Joe (Quesada) because Joe and I created Painkiller Jane.  I love working on the Punisher when I’m at Marvel. Probably Daughters of the Dragon as well and of course Jonah Hex.  You know stuff I’ve done.  I don’t have that list of “if you can work on anybody, who could it be?”.  Maybe some Batman in the future, but other than that. I’m pretty solid with the characters I’ve done.  I kinda like the ones that I’ve been lucky enough to work on. Power Girl is another one. Love Power Girl.

GWW:  You and Amanda did the Starfire run for 12 issues.  Where do you think you would’ve taken the character if you were given the opportunity continue that character forward?

JP: I would’ve definitely done year 2 and kept her exactly where she was going in our series.  I probably would’ve brought Power Girl in and have some more fun with her.  I would’ve kept her consistent to what we were doing. The only problem I had with the mini-series is that the minute we were off, they kinda put her in another book and changed it again.  So I always wondered why they even had us do it for a year if they were just gonna change it.  That said, we really enjoyed. It’s a stand-alone series.  If you like Starfire and you wanna give our book a shot. Then you know, its there.  I would’ve kept her in Key West.  I would’ve built up the supporting cast and just given her a life outside of superhero stuff over and over.  Because I think every book does that. I think that the fun with Starfire is that she’s just trying to blend in with everybody and I think that’s where the fun and the joy of the book came from.

GWW: One of the big projects you were able to be a part for DC was The Kamandi Challenge.  How was it working on that?

JP: It was great. I mean you know me and Amanda got to write our own section and she got to draw it.  It was one of those things where were handed the script before and we had to take it on.  So that was fun and because I think we had the third part. It was fun to read all the parts after us to see where it goes and they killed the characters we created.  It was just a fun thing. We kinda knew it wasn’t gonna be a big seller but sometimes you take a gig on because it’s just fun.  And I love the old Kamandi series. Amanda wasn’t familiar with it that much.  We got to do our own take on it and it was a blast.

GWW: What are your current projects right now?

JP: Currently I am working on a Wonder Woman series with Amanda and Chad Hardin for the Walmart books.  When we’re done with part 12, it will be released at DC so you know, next year it’ll come out.  I’m working on another Kickstarter for a book I did called Sex and Violence 3 and I’ve done 2 volumes already.  That’s it right now.  My other work is just film work but the comics stuff, that’s what I’m working on right now.

GWW: What is the best place for people to follow you at?

JP: Paper Films which is my site  If you join up, every month or every couple of weeks you’ll get an email which tells you where we’re gonna be.  Shows a bunch of Amanda’s art. It’s kinda a fun thing to sign up for so you get that and @jpalmiotti on Twitter is the best thing.

GWW: Awesome.  Well, thank you again for this time Jimmy.

JP: Pleasure buddy, thank you.


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