Introducing Indies: Polaris

Dec 4, 2014

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polaris coverPolaris (ComicsFix)

Written by: Felix Kiner
Art by: Felix Kiner

Once in a while a comic comes along that when you reach the final panel on the final page you feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. For me Polaris by Felix Kiner is one of those comics. A short and strange tale about a college professor going through somewhat of a social crisis. Creator Felix Kiner intermingles multiple genres including rom-com, sci-fi and political to tell a tale that will have you run the gambit of emotions.

There is no high action, monsters, aliens, superheroes, or villains here with the majority of the story taking place in the backdrop of a college lecture. Without all of those comic book staples Kiner is still able to craft and intriguing story about love, family and life as we follow Professor Izrael Polaris interiorMorganfriedman in his process to come to terms with a past lover coming back into the fold. Even though the issue is only 10 pages Kiner uses the limited space to its maximum potential as each panel is extremely important to pushing the story forward and keeping the reader invested.

The art although it’s colorless is a true feast for the eyes as Kiner uses multiple techniques including photography to tell his story. His characters are very expressive with their exaggerated features. The settings and backgrounds are fully realized as each panel is jam packed with visual candy.

Polaris may not be your usual comic book fair but it’s certainly worth your time. Kiner is obviously a fan of comics and seems to know all the tricks of the trade to make what could have been a mundane story more engaging. His visual style will definitely appeal to this generation of readers as its controlled chaos is a great complement to this oddball tale. If you’re a comic fan Polaris is a must read, and if you’re not give it a try and I promise it will at least make you smile.

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