Introducing Indies: Take A Trip Back In Time and Fight For Earth In “Future Primitive #2”

Feb 7, 2015

Mad Cave Studios


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DIG050308Future Primitive #2
Markosia Enterprises

Written by: Kevin Gunstone
Art by: Slobodan Jovanovic
Color by: Stephan Mrkonjic

Welcome to Earth many many many Moons ago. This is not your ordinary comic. It is a thinking mans or woman’s comic. So let’s head back to school once again and take Anthropology 101. Once again we are introduced to the Moon Clan and the Skybearer Neanderthals. The latter are lead by my favorite character in the comic Kulkan. Kulkan is the King of the Skybearers. Not an average King at all. He loves blood and will decapitate anyone he can given the chance. Both clans are fighting for the rights to supremacy and complete control of Earth. Now only if the stars would help. Ahhh but they do. It seems looking to the skies and seeing how they align could have an answer. Yes FP 32 (338x520)we have now entered our second class of the day Astronomy 101. It seems that maybe these Paleolithic Men were smarter then we give them credit for. Looking to the heavens above for answers just could be the key.

Kevin is a genius. His writing is unlike anyone’s I have seen before. Very detailed and I will admit it I had to look up some terms in the dictionary. With that being said I still stick by what I said in my review of issue number one. He is the modern day Robert E. Howard the mane who created Conan the Barbarian. Kevin;s terminology is just phenomenal and really drives home his love for this story.

The art in this book is great. It seems that Slobodan and Kevin are on the same wavelength. Every panel tells the story and has a great feel to it. Sometimes it can be a little dark. Give it a few panels and then Stephan Mrkonjic picks it up with some great coloring. If you like a great thinking mans’ comic then this is the book for you. I love it and I seem to learn a little history about the Cro-Magnon era with each issue. Thank you Kevin for a great book. I look forward to issue number three.

FP 25-26 (520x401)