INVINCIBLE Season 1, Episodes 1-3 (Review)

Mar 19, 2021


Amazon Studios

Season 1, Episodes 1-3

Invincible is more than just an animated show in Amazon Prime Videos latest superhero home run.

No other show currently airing on television managed to do what this show (or at least the episodes provided to the press) did to me, and that was to immediately not only hold my attention and watch it all in one sitting, but watch it all twice in one sitting. Yes, Invincible may just be Amazons next big hit, and a more than deserving one at that.

Invincible follows Mark, a teenager who gains superpowers and navigates life as a up and coming superhero while at the same time going through the normal wows of a high school teen. If one thing the show boasts more than anything is the stellar voice casting which features Steven Yuen, JK Simmons, Sandrah Oh, Gillian Jacobs, Zachary Quinto and Zazie Beetz amongst many other familiar voices.

While it’s voice casting is incredibly impressive, the shows strongest point is definitely in it’s writing and characters. Yuen’s Mark is an incredibly likable and relatable character with Simmons Omni-man being just as well written and complex. The writing in the show is also something special, even in a field pioneered and full of superhero movies and shows, Invincible is yet another stand out in the crowd.

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As clichéd as it sounds, it genuinely feels like something different and fresh to what we’ve seen before. The show constantly has unique twists and turns which I reckon will keep people engaged on the weekly episode releases. Just when you think the show is about to do what you think it’ll do, it pulls a 180 and does something completely different.

Fans of the comic will also be happy to know that the series is incredibly faithful to the Robert Kirkman’s book of which it’s based on. In fact, I’d go as far as saying it is the most comics accurate TV Show I have ever seen. The show not only does exactly what the comics does (both in terms of story and subtle nods to things that only happened in the series) but even does some things differently at points, in a way that will please new and old fans a like.

This is not a show you should look over just for being animated. Just because it was made that way doesn’t mean it couldn’t be one of the best new shows to air on television in recent years, especially in a field dominated by superhero shows.

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Score: 9.7


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